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Monday, March 29, 2021

The Ogre Has Left The Oval Office And The Candy Man Is Sitting In His Chair–Joe Biden And The Great Giveaway

Anyone who has been paying the least attention to politics knows that the Biden electoral victory will usher in another era of public spending, high taxes, and radical structural change altering the way society is organized and governed.  As of this writing (3.29.21) Congress is considering a multi-trillion dollar taxpayer-funded program to, in the words of Democratic apologists, redress the wrongs of the Trump Administration, to return power to the people, to remember the forgotten and the disenfranchised and….the rest of the cant and hyperbole is familiar. 

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What conservatives hear, however, is flimsy posturing about ill-advised programs to revive failed special educational programs which have rarely shown any impact on long-term social or economic performance; to give out walking-around money too little to effect accelerated business growth and employment; and to take a hallelujah approach to climate change. 

They are told to forget economic, and geo-political costs, to willingly become more beholden to foreign energy interests and to become more indebted and beholden to the Chinese.  They listen to panegyrics about the opening of American borders to illegitimacy and faux claims of horror; the reshaping of American society into a gender-twisted, sex-inverted system and one without due process; and to lionize dysfunctional and disruptive minorities in the name of ‘diversity'. They read about propositions to spend billions of dollars of public money on infrastructure projects ignoring private sector options on the grounds of public interest. 

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The Washington Post, an anti-Trump, pro-Biden supporter has today heralded an even more dramatic change - the return of big government.  Gone is the niggardly, elitist, predatory laissez-faire robber baron capitalism of the Trump and Republican years; and a welcome return to a compassionate, considerate, equitable government which takes its role of national shepherd seriously has arrived. 

The private sector, always vilified and demonized by the Left, will be marginalized, taxed, ,and dependent.  It will no longer rule the roost, defy government legislation and regulation, and run things according to profit, shares, and growth.  Every enterprise will be – must be – subsumed within government, be subject to its ethos and edicts, and do the right thing.  

America will finally address the socio-economic imbalances in the country – the racism, misogyny, homophobia, and disproportionate accumulation of wealth that have eroded confidence in country, government, and Republic.

Conservatives are not at all surprised at all this – they saw it coming as clearly as a freight train across the Midwestern Plains.  Democrats are the ones waking up to what their four year long Trump hatred has produced.  Their only goal was to remove the ogre from the White House, come what May. Anything, anybody would be better than Donald Trump, so few Democratic partisans felt the need to look ahead to the practical implications of their hysterical propositions.

Opening America’s borders to all comers because of compassion, family unity, and righteousness has resulted in chaos.  Rather than face the crisis directly and change policy to a more reasonable and practicable one, the Administration has called for volunteers to man the river banks – not to keep illegals out but to hold their hands as they wade across. 

The cancellation of the XL pipeline on ‘environmental’ grounds has enraged Canadians and given Russia and other foreign energy producers a Christmas gift.  Measures to raise the minimum wage to unheard levels is a guarantee to depress job growth. Small businesses across the country will, in response, hire only employees who are worth the high guaranteed wage, automate, and do away with low end jobs – exactly what progressives legislated against. 

Moves to make transgenderism as valid, acceptable, and respectable as heterosexuality and to promote it among young children as a reasonable if not advisable sexual ‘choice’ is angering both conservatives and moderates.  Even the most woke on the Coasts are a little leery of what a transgender teacher under no administrative restrictions or supervision might teach their children.

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Politics are cyclical – conservative and liberal administrations and legislatures come and go with the times.  The more exaggerated their plans, policies and programs, the greater the blowback, the resistance, and the electoral response.   There is no way that the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump – almost half the electorate – will go quietly.  

Many held off their criticisms during Biden’s first month in office – they owed him at least that, a honeymoon, and a chance to explain himself; but now that he has been in office for two months and the handwriting on the wall is now unmistakable, they are restive, increasingly angry, and committed to slowing if not halting the progressive juggernaut.  

This complete transformation of American society from an entrepreneurial, socially and economically mobile, religiously conservative one to a Blade Runner dystopian, gender-queer, neo-socialist, authoritarian one is heinous and will be dealt with in the elections of 2022 if not before.

Candy Man giveaways are always popular.  Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry of the District of Columbia ran his administration on patronage, giveaway grants, politically-based hiring, and demagoguery.  He took from the wealthiest, most productive, most responsible residents of Washington and gave to the least productive, least responsible, and least accountable.  

While no one denied the importance of dealing with the city’s social and economic problems, few except those on the receiving end felt that pouring good money after bad into the hands of corrupt local politicians and their shills was a good idea.

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Biden’s giveaways are no different.  Those who will receive a check in the mail, and can finally buy that divan convertible they have always wanted, are delighted with Biden.  Those small entrepreneurs who see little in the way of legitimate, productive public investment and are just as likely to go under as before the public largesse, see things very differently.  

However businesses don’t vote, customers do, and the candy tastes very sweet indeed.

The diatribe first, hate-Trump media are floundering, looking to regain the viewers they lost after his exit.  Hate sells more deodorant than love, so until MSNBC finds another ogre, the nation will not be subjected to the pounding hysteria of the old days.  However, it won’t be long before the conservative media pick up the tune and start coruscating Biden like CNN did Trump.  

Already Biden’s stumbling, rambling, catatonic, masked persona is the stuff of parody; and his press secretary’s disingenuous attempts to add tinsel and Christmas lights to the border crisis are equally laughable.  Soon, as more and more transgender activists show up in classrooms, as college campuses continue to cancel everything except the 'minority exceptional', and as religious services continue to be ridiculed as racist attempts to impose white Christianity on the gullible masses, the opposition will be in full-throated voice.

Biden’s progressive fantasies will soon be exposed for what they are – idealistic, politically-driven, impractical, anti-democratic initiatives – and the Democrats will be scrambling for Congressional seats.

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