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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Trump, JFK, And Arm Candy–The Enduring Legacy Of Sex In The Swamp And The Woke Abstinence Of Joe Biden

Jimmy Carter admitted to impure thoughts and Bill Clinton insisted that “I never had sex with that woman”.  John Kennedy’s paramours were legion and LBJ’s Secret Service helped arrange his assignations. Henry Kissinger said that “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” and just about every president, with few exceptions – found women irresistible.  Washington’s literati have been envious of Kennedy’s liaisons – who wouldn’t want to have Marilyn Monroe beside them? -  catty about Clinton’s trailer trash knock-offs and sex under the Thomas Jefferson’s escritoire, unkind about Richard Nixon’s forced abstinence – President or not, a dark, shadowy, wholly unappealing man –  and pleased with Ronald Reagan’s satiety, having bedding like all Hollywood stars many women on the rise long before the grand old man took office.  The affairs of Eisenhower and FDR were, like the men themselves, understated and quiet; and what happened in the Presidential suite of the White House before the Great Depression was too far back in history to be of much note.

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Donald Trump, accused of every possible sexual miscreancy before he became president, was never accused while in office.   Sexual dalliance was too good for this misogynist, sexist boor – an act too human for this Satanic animal – and the press never even bothered to look.  Adultery would be the least sexual offense for a man who made a mockery of feminism, female worth, and righteousness, who wanted to return women to Hitlerian Kinder, Küche, Kirche and a live of subservience, chattels to ignorant, patriarchal husbands. 

Worst of all – even worse for the Washington cognoscenti than Bill Clinton’s cornpone, cracker pussy – was Trump’s middle-brow, bourgeois classlessness.  At least Clinton came by his sexual preferences honestly – after all he was not far from trailer trash himself and grew up with the tough, stringy, chain-smoking women he screwed – but Trump’s love of glitz, tinsel, and Las Vegas showgirls was nothing less than culturally indecent, as far from the propriety and rectitude of Beacon Hill, Rittenhouse Square, Park Avenue, and Georgetown.  The girls at the Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, or Golden Nugget were cheap, sequined, and plastic, bass boat versions of the elegant runway models of Paris, Milan, and New York.

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Trump’s public dance with beauty queens and his embrace of the low-class sound and light gaudy trinket meat markets of The Strip was his sin – not the sin of fornication or adultery, but the the sin of loving the truly American culture the Establishment would like to ignore.  America is, for better or worse a lowbrow country, and most Americans have not gotten past daytime soaps, movie mags, Hollywood extravaganzas, crooners, and floorshows.  They are the ones who voted for Donald Trump. They are his base.  Most importantly they are his cultural base not only his political one.  Political support comes and goes along with politicians, but cultural roots are deep. Whatever Donald Trump’s future, his bourgeois, vulgarian will remain.

There is something irresistible about glamorous, showy women – the ones who wear makeup and perfume, high heels, and minks.  Outrageous to some they display sex and feminine sexuality like no other.  They are burlesque, Can-Can, Folies Bergeres, painted, gussied, long-legged beauties who fill music halls and casinos.  Men may say they prefer sobriety, good taste, and intelligence in their women, but their heads turn at something entirely different.

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Enter a sexless drone to the Oval Office.  Despite his past weakness for ‘inappropriate touching’, Joe Biden has kept his sexual distance from women.  Some feminists have suggested that it is exactly this immature sexuality – hesitatingly and affectionately touching them but never ever really wanting them – that has kept the President faithful.  Whatever it was, Biden’s silly familiarity with women, a kind of chummy fraternity transposed to the opposite sex, was never really male; certainly not in the JFK mold, nor the LBJ, and not even the Bill Clinton.  It is decidedly asexual, friendly – the intimacy of an old, harmless uncle.

To make matters worse – at least as far as a traditionally sexual crowd is concerned – he has abjured any approach to women unless it is mediated.  No means no, sex only on a woman’s terms, unwanted sexual approaches are forms of rape, a woman is a sanctified vessel, men are reprobate predators, et cetera, et cetera.  He has become the woke cultural lackey of the feminist far Left.

This posture is very much in keeping with his carefully crafted political persona – temperate, ‘inclusive’, unifying, respectful, collaborative.  Nothing untoward, no outbursts, nothing ad hominem.  This is a man who keeps his own counsel and for whom political commitment is at peace with moral commitment.  The progressive agenda is one which rejects individual temper, enterprise, or value; and goodness comes only from a happy joining of ‘difference’.  Women in this scenario are simply part of the social complex, valueless as sexual beings, and valued only for their espousal of progressive principles.  Biden is very Lacanian in outlook. Deconstructions like Lacan and Derrida see no intrinsic value in any person or thing, and they have meaning only with reference to their historical context and social representation

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As everyone knows, America is a country divided– divided politically between those who espouse progressive, Utopian idealism; and those who prize Constitutional principle and individualism; and who acknowledge the ineluctability and permanence of human nature, and the lessons of history; and divided socially – the unwashed middle, so worrisome to Alexander Hamilton who warned Jefferson that his idealistic hopes in a popular democracy would fail – and the coastal elites will never meet.  There is, however, a third division related to the first two – the sexual divide.

There are those who believe in the Joe Biden principle of ‘look but don’t touch’, at-a-distance, respectful sex; and in the progressive construct of the gender spectrum – sexual bi-polarity is out the window, genetics and physiology mean nothing in the modern world of sexual choice.  There are others who are equally convinced that such phasic sexuality is utter fol-de-rol, that heterosexuality is nature’s immutable law, and that role-reversing transgenderism is a perversion of it. 

Those who supported Trump supported him not only for his conservative populism, and not even for his outlandish, outrageous circus act personality; but for his maleness.  He was unashamed of his big, male ego, his love of beautiful women, and the marvelously glitzy movie production sets of mansions, yachts, and resorts.

We are in for a boring four years.  Not only is Biden the antithesis of the Great Showman; and not only is he a carefully confected Man Of Quiet Righteousness, he is a sexual neuter.  As it should be, says the progressive Left.

When word of Bill Clinton’s dalliances with Monica Lewinsky made the news worldwide, men abroad only wondered at the timidity and reticence of his encounters.  Infidelity and promiscuity, mistresses, assignations, and cinq-a-septs were de rigeur and expected in France and Africa.  What on earth was Bill Clinton doing under a desk?

Only in America was he heaped with feminist and female opprobrium.  “If he can’t be trusted with his wife”, women said, “then how can he be trusted with the country?”.  Of course this was as disingenuous a statement as ever spoken, particularly as most of these women had turned a blind eye to the peccadilloes of their heroes MLK and JFK. 

Now women can relax.  The ogre has been cast out of the White House, women are safe again, and a period of pax sexualis will reign at least for four years.  A boring four years for sure, but a neutered one certainly.

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