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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Joe Biden–A Sexually Lame White House That America’s Adversaries Are Watching With Delight

Joe Biden ran for president on a platform of inclusivity, diversity, and gender fungibility. The one-off bathhouse encounters in the Castro or the under-the-ferns lesbian ‘immersions’ in Bernal Heights, once discouraged are now accepted if not encouraged. Any form of sexual encounter between consenting adults is good, healthy, and encouraged, says the White House.  For too long have gay and transgender men and women suffered under the yoke of sexual conservatism, and intimate relations between sexually alternate, transgender, and other men and women, stifled for generations, are now to be celebrated.   Under the new sexual algorithm, all hands are called on deck.  The ‘othered’, the formerly deviant, and the newly expressed are finally out of the hold.

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So what to make of a Delaware Irish Catholic married for decades and whose sexual life has been – according to investigative reporters – as pure and pristine as Ophelia, St. Margaret, or St. Luke de Paul? As far as as the international press is concerned, Joe Biden is a complete, faithful, uxorious, choir boy and not up to the machismo of Putin, Kim, or the Ayatollahs.  Male sexual authority and political power can indeed be conflated.

When Bill Clinton was president and having his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the world was surprised only at his sexual adolescence.   Why on earth did he not bed her, remind her that if she talked no one in her family would ever work again, and tell Hilary to close the door on her way out? His sexual dalliance was not unusual, only his diffidence and sexual timidity. The Lincoln Bedroom was open and unoccupied, so why all the cigars, fellatio, and under-the-table sex?  Clinton was right in asking the Senate Committee exactly what they meant by ‘sex’, but the rest of the world only wondered why he didn’t take Monica upstairs.

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Every man in America wanted to be Jack Kennedy – young, handsome, powerful leader of the free world who slept with Marilyn Monroe and a hundred other Hollywood starlets and international beauties – and every woman wanted to be in his bed.  Black women wanted to be loved by Martin Luther King, prophet, racial hero, and man of their people.  Few women wanted to be taken to the corn shed by LBJ, but admired his virility, prairie voluptuousness, and raw desire.

Sanctimony set in after Bill Clinton – George Bush and Obama were models of rectitude and moral judgment – but thank God, the fly of male America was unbuttoned when Donald Trump came to office.  He was proud of the arm candy, beauty queen, showgirl opulence of America, and was never shy about posing with the finalists of Miss America, or his own classically beautiful, runway-ready wife. 

Sex was back – male pursuit, female demurral and complaisance were in.  There was no shame in heterosexuality.  In fact it should be limned as it was in the days of Petrarch and the Romantic poets.  Cherchez la femme, win her, have children, and love other women.

Joe Biden ran for the Presidency on a ticket of sexual propriety, inclusivity and diversity.  He has gone out of his way to appoint members of every alternate American ethnic, racial, and sexual group to his Cabinet; but in so doing he has neutered himself.  To his supporters Biden is a man of the times – an asexual representative of all sexual variations.  To his critics he is a capon, coopted  and trimmed by gender radicals. 

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Given age and generational zeitgeist, the older man knows that such abjuration of heterosexuality is nonsense.  He will to his dying day be obsessed with sex.  There can be no demurral or reconfiguration of sexual interest.  President Biden, like all his male cohorts thinks of sex all the time.  What then to make of this neo-Puritanical diffidence and bending to the sexual wind?

Poor Joe, doing the right thing instead of the real thing, deferential and respectful, uxorious, and faithful for ever after.

JFK, LBJ, MLK Putin, Mitterrand and a thousand others have never seen any inconsistency between virile heterosexuality and national leadership.  It is the emasculated presidents and premiers, they have said, who can never lead their  countries to world power and dominance because they are YY-deficient, women in men’s suits who believe in love, sharing, consideration, and belonging.  Machismo and potent, world pre-eminence not only can be conflated, they are functionally related. 

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There is something compelling about Jack London’s story of Buck (Call of the Wild) – his tale of aggressiveness, and male dominance.  There is a completeness and perfection in the male character of Buck – he has no feminine side – and his will is male, one unmistakably virile, potent, and forceful.  While many men may publicly disavow any such characteristics as primitive evolutionary throwbacks, privately they feel that they have capitulated their maleness, accommodated women far too much, and become neutered.  It is one thing to support women’s equality of opportunity and enterprise, another thing to feel emasculated by their insistent claims of emotional and intellectual superiority.

Biden has recently authorized an attack on Iranian positions in Syria, a must-do, expected sally by a new president.  ‘We mean business’, Biden says, but the world knows differently.  A president beholden to the compromising, collaborative, feel-good Left, and never anxious to take on international strongmen (after all, a man who has built his career, reputation, and persona on negotiated settlements and avoidance of conflict is not up for a fight with Putin) blasts a few terrorist outposts at no risk, no gain,  Posturing at best, show the world some moxie, then back to the safe inclusive politics of progressivism.

It is better to have a male, macho, predictable president in the White House than  a politically correct one.  As much as we may think that we are a sexually and gender-evolved nation, the rest of the world thinks otherwise.   Putin, Kim, and the Ayatollahs have read Machiavelli, and know that an ingenue, a naïf, an idealistic, overmatched  president is in the White House.

Kissinger repeated what every world leader knows – Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac – and those men who exude and embody  masculinity, male intent, and sexual intensity will not only bed any woman who comes calling but the rest of the world.

Joe Biden is the least prepared president ever to assume office.  He is a man of friendliness, compromise, good will and sexual reticence – nice, comfortable values for progressive Americans, but a feast for aggressive adversaries.

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