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Friday, March 12, 2021

Poor Joe Biden, Overmatched At Every Turn– His International Adversaries Are Salivating And The American Right Smells Victory

The Mariel Boat Lift was Fidel Castro’s response to American inclusivity.  “You want our criminals, deviants, and n’er-do-wells?  They’re yours”, he said; and hundreds of Cuba’s worst were welcomed to America’s shores in the name of inclusivity.  No matter what crimes or misdemeanors they may have committed, their abject oppression at the hands of a Communist dictator was the only passport they needed for freedom. Of course such willing suspension of disbelief – an idealistic, happy face, refusal to see the refuse, trash, and detritus the Cubans were sending our way – became the immigration of ethos of the land; and now despite the realization that we were doing Castro favor, helping to empty his prisons, and flooding our country with exactly the type of immigrant we least wanted, the doors are once again.

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How stupid could Jimmy Carter be, wondered the Castros, taking in the worst of the island’s filth and anti-social reprobates.  How hopelessly and desperately dreamy and wide-eyed could the Americans be to willingly and knowingly take in our scum.  Castro knew that no matter what the consequences, liberal American politicians would always open their doors.  We are an inclusive, welcoming, and tolerant country, said Carter, and all – no matter of creed, politics, or social fit – have a home in the United States.

The Christian missionaries given visas by the Ecuadorian government to establish churches in the equatorial jungle were motivated by the same Christian spirit.  Once the heathens of the Amazon were exposed to the the Word of God, clothed, cared for, and taught in the ways of enlightened Christianity, they would abandon savagery, totemism, and cannibalistic brutality.  The missionaries’ homes were both the locus of Christian faith – replicas of homesteads in Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas – and symbols of secular progress.  The naked, nose-ringed, painted, spear-throwing Jivaro were as welcome in the big tent as white financiers, poets, and mathematicians.

Of course the reality was far from the fairy tale.  ‘The Other’ is not welcome here; and unless he mends his ways, becomes more like the majority in terms of culture, belief and comportment, he had best stay behind the line. In Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, the Broadway 50s musical based on Romeo and Juliet, a boy and girl from two opposing gangs, one white and the other Puerto Rican, fall in love. Anita, a friend of Maria, warns her against getting involved with someone from a different community.  She sings:

A boy like that
Who'd kill your brother
Forget that boy
And find another
One of your own kind
Stick to your own kind
A boy like that
Will give you sorrow
You'll meet another boy tomorrow
One of your own kind
Stick to your own kind

“Stick to your own kind” is her refrain. If you don’t, you’re asking for trouble.  Of course Maria does not listen, bad turns to worse, and the final scene is a melodramatic replay of the end of the star-crossed lovers. No society – not even Margaret Mead’s Trobriand Islanders whose kinship and community patterns she distorted to suit her theories – exists without social, ethnic, economic, or racial divisions.  Whether India with its persistent caste system; our division by wealth, income, and race; or Iraq’s splintering divisions by Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd, we all do it.

American Indian tribes fought each other to the death. African tribes slaughtered each other and used captured warriors as slave currency. Chinese dynasties rose to power after battles with pretenders and likely enemies; and the Han Chinese today would like to eliminate any ethnic diversity to maintain polity.

We may let in all comers, and in a society determined to preserve ethnic integrity and cultural identity, we will pay the price. Aggravations, grating cultural borders, and downright antagonism have to occur.  We are made to suspect the outsider; and when he is defiantly anti-social, we will hate him.  Racism in America is a misnomer.  We do not hate black people.  We hate their criminality, social and family dysfunction, lack of enterprise, and acceptance of hardship, not their skin color.  Once African Americans drop the ‘African’ and become integrated, assimilated Americans, the prejudice will end.  Prejudice is not the hateful principle of the elite, but a normal, common, and wholly expected reaction to The Other.

So the idealism of the Biden Administration at out southern border is laughable.  The Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Hondurans are quite happy that America is now open.  A trans-border Mariel situation is exactly what the doctor ordered.  American’s open door policy means that Central America and Mexico can empty its prisons.   Enhanced cross-border trade will help the Mexican drug cartels – smuggling dope will be far easier now that more tolerant and permissive customs policies will be put into place; and not least of all, the exodus of the region’s poor will free countries from any social responsibility.

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American companies are just as happy, for an endless supply of cheap, below market labor will become a stream and not an irregular trickle.  Consumers will be delighted with consistently low cost produce, service, and labor.

Most Americans, however much they like cheap lettuce, do not like dark, swarthy, mustachioed, multi-generational families on their doorstep.  Diversity and inclusivity may be the watchwords of the progressive Left, but Jose next door is just not done.

So Biden is in a trap of his own making and a long time coming.  He wants to admit all comers but seems to have no idea what such an influx will mean and how destabilizing it will become.

His free for all economic stimulus giveaway is a prescription for economic and financial disaster – $2 trillion will inevitably cause inflation, massive borrowing, increased indebtedness to the Chinese, higher interest rates, and a slowing of the recovering economy; but no matter, it simply is right to give money to those in need.

Biden’s plans to stop construction of the XL pipeline, to eliminate fracking and all alternative means of energy exploitation will return American to energy dependence.  Putin is drooling at the prospect.  Now the world will be far more reliant on Russia’s energy sources and thus politically dependent.  Putin once again can call all the shots in Europe.

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The Chinese are as happy as can be over Biden’s call for accommodation rather than confrontation.  They will continue their purchase of Africa, its wealth, rare earths, and geopolitical importance.  They will, as always, do what they want in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and with the Uighurs.  They will hold more and more of America’s debt and increasing control its politics.

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The ayatollahs are delighted that Biden will return to negotiations and compromise.  They have continued to build up their nuclear capacity regardless of the sanctions, and are as meddling and influential in the Middle East as they have ever been.  Now, they will have carte blanche.

The principles of Machiavelli are in force everywhere but in America.  We are the country of moral exceptionalism, rectitude, and right behavior; and because of our naivete will continue to lose out to those whose amoral, practical, and self-interested geopolitics will always win out.  Progressivism =  idealism = Utopianism = geopolitical weakness.

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At home, the progressive juggernaut, fueled by vain and naïve notions of unity, camaraderie, friendship, and communalism will soon run aground.  Voters will soon, finally, put an end to exaggerated claims to sexual diversity, the gender spectrum, and to transgender hysteria.  They will reclaim the rightful place of family, faith, heterosexuality, and normality.   Biden and his progressive supporters, so enamored as they are with their own, narrow views of society, cannot see the roadblocks ahead – the barricades and the protests.  They have such an outlandish and exaggerated view of their own importance and place in the world that they cannot see the building tide of resentment.  They think that with their victory over Trump, conservativism has gone away; but nearly half of the electorate is still passionately conservative and pro-Trump.

Joe Biden is enjoying these first heady weeks of a Presidency he has yet to fathom; but soon, as the opposition reconstitutes and reforms, he will be even more overmatched.  Now he can read from the teleprompter and smile; but once the gloves come off – which they will – he will have nowhere to turn. He will flounder, blunder, and misstep into a political maelstrom he can hardly imagine.

Those who voted for Trump saw all this coming; and those who supported Biden did not.  Trump supporters knew that Biden’s frilly, dreamy, ideas of ‘inclusivity, diversity, negotiation, unity, and harmony’ were nothing but airy fictions; and that realpolitik would intrude.  The wheels are not yet off the progressive bus, but they are wobbly.  By mid-terms they will be long gone.

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