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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Genghis Khan, The Tsars, Shahs, And Joe Biden, A Man In Touch With His Feminine Side

Finally we have a man of compassion, consideration, and kind qualities in the White House.  Joe Biden is the man for the times – gender-fluid, sensitive, and one-world committed. Times have changed, and America no longer wants aggressive males in the Oval Office.  Those who voted for Biden are happy to see a sexually complaisant, tolerant, forgiving man in the seat of power. 

America was through with the braggadocio, cock-of-the-walk strutting of Donald Trump; and one and done with the likes of LBJ; JFK, the seducer; and sexual wanderers Coolidge, Tyler, and Jackson.  America wanted and got a uxorious, faithful president who had eyes only for his duty, his country, and his wife.

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Even Jimmy Carter, a man of avowed faith and moral principle, admitted that he had had impure thoughts for women other than his wife; and as much as he tried to beat these sexually idolatrous thoughts down, they persisted. As far as anyone can know, he succeeded and was faithful in thought, word, and deed.

Progressives respected Carter for his moral fiber.  His temperance, moderation, and sexual circumspection were the stuff of sexual liberation and feminism.  He heralded a new age of male deference.  His equal partnership with his wife, Roslyn was more than just a traditional, Protestant vocation, but a political statement.  I am a moral man, Carter implied by his dutiful and respectful love for his wife, and as President, he said, the same moral code will apply.

The world chortled.  Any world leader who conflated such personal beliefs with a geopolitical world view would be a pushover.  Soviet, North Korean and Revolutionary Iranian leaders were delighted to see Carter in the White House.

The same world was perplexed with Bill Clinton, a man of familiar lust and sexual adventure, but of adolescent fulfillment.  Under the table and cigars with Monica?  This alone disqualified him from any serious male consideration let alone from the ranks of the Caesars, Borgias, various Henrys of England, Mauryan kings and Persian emperors.  He was a guilt-ridden, hen-pecked, put-upon, American husband who as president could have bedded anyone, but because of his niggling, hectoring wife, sought satisfaction under the table instead of in the Lincoln bedroom.

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JFK’s nationalism, muscular defiance of Cuba and the Soviet Union – and his bedding of Marilyn Monroe – lent credence to his geopolitical stance.  He, in the eyes of world leaders, meant business.  A sexually naïve boy like Richard Nixon could never have the clout of JFK, a man who had – in the best, most elemental, and primal arenas of sexual dominance – showed his mastery.  No one in France was disturbed that Francois Mitterrand had a longtime mistress or that he had children by her; or that this extended family showed up at is funeral. His behavior was de rigeur for a man of power.

Kissinger stated it best when he said, “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac”.  Powerful men with the importance of office have their sexual choice.  All feminist presumptions are put aside when it comes to power and pursuit whether with women or in the war room. To the rest of the world there has always been a conflation of male dominant sexuality and world influence. One might pay attention to Nixon the Madman, but his complaisant, respectful relationship with his wife and doting daughters, suggested otherwise.

The Russians would never roll over to Jimmy Carter but did to JFK.

Enter Joe Biden, the least qualified to match up against the world’s leaders.  He who ran on a platform of inclusivity, diversity, collaboration, and compromise in a world of macho geopolitical games and Machiavellian cunning, is behind the eight ball; in fact laughed at – a man trapped in a gulag of progressive cant and sexual hyperbole at the beck-and-call of progressive handlers – Rapunzel in the tower.

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It is not surprising that Biden has embraced multi-sexuality and has filled his Cabinet with every variety of sexual preference; but it is surprising and disconcerting that he has made gender the key to governing.  While such an all-inclusive, diverse, sexual panoply might be good as a post-modernist American algorithm, it cuts no ice with the Ayatollahs where a Koranic, Old Testament God rules with vengeance.  

Putin invokes Russia’s Imperial past, one of might and uncompromising rule, and Kim is no different from his Mongol-Turkic ancestors.  “Democracy?”, Putin’s way of recalling Stalin’s “How many divisions does the Pope have?”, was lost on no one.  American moral exceptionalism was laughable.  Now that its most fairytale teacher was in the White House, there was no time to lose.

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This is not to say that women cannot have balls.  Margaret Thatcher was one of the toughest cookies of any head-of-state; and Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi took no prisoners during their rule.  Strong leadership has always been characterized by male virtues of forcefulness, might, and determination.  It is when the likes of Biden and Jimmy Carter do a gender volte face and become the caricature of women – conciliatory, compassionate, and considerate – that our adversaries take note.

A study in 2003 found that up to 16 million men, half a percent of the world’s male population, are genetic descendants of Genghis Khan.  Not only did he conquer almost ninety percent of the known world, but he and his Turkic-Mongolian comrades had sex with most of their women.  A beast? A primitive unregenerate Neanderthal?  Hardly.  Rape, pillage, terror, and destruction were simply more consistent, universal practices of war than ever before; and his modern day 20th century descendants have not fallen very far from the tree

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Joe Biden intends to change all that – to rid America of the macho military interventionism of George Bush, the saber-rattling braggadocio of Donald Trump, and the entire ethos of American world domination.  His Cabinet appointments have been chosen to show the world America’s new exceptionalism of diversity and inclusivity, but only display a fragmentation of national resolve.  

Instead of selecting an America-first team – one which will strengthen the country’s geopolitical pre-eminence in international affairs, finance, economics, trade, and military presence – he has told the world that America is no longer about pre-eminence.  Gone is the aggressive, intimidating posture of past administrations.  What George Bush I called ‘a kinder, gentler nation’ is in, but this time even softer, more gentle, and more pliable. 

Of course most of the women on the Fortune 500 would take exception.  Get them in the White House and no prisoners would be taken.  They are the day’s feminist heroes – women who have seen how maleness has always been and should be the model for the playground, the boardroom, and the international arena.  No shrinking violets among them.  

Yet, despite this growing cadre of tough women, America has chosen an old-fashioned nanny for President.  Most telling of all is that during Biden’ presidency, the American, ur-male hero, Andrew Jackson, will be removed from the twenty-dollar bill.  Regardless of the character or history of the woman to replace him, Jackson's cancellation is central to the ‘inclusive, participatory, diverse’ ethos of the new America, one in which the essence of maleness – whether expressed by men or a few strong women – is to be expunged.

The geopolitical test for Joe Biden will soon come.  The ayatollahs, Putin, Kim, Xi or a resurgent ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, or the Houthis will not be quiescent for long; and it will be time for Biden to pull on his overalls and get down to business.  Whether he is even able to closet his soft, feminine side is another question.   In any case, most of America in these troubled times will wish for a tough, macho man with big cojones. 

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