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Friday, March 18, 2011

Poverty and Culture

The poverty level in Japan is similar to ours around 17 percent and still you see no looting, thefts. Today's Post cites example of people queuing to pay for food at small store. Cash register won't open b/c power cut. People PUT BACK their items on the shelves. Who says that culture doesn't matter?

Of course it does.  Inner city school education will never improve until there is an improvement in the dysfunctional society that predominates in these areas.  The way to do that:  a) community leaders (religious, political, civic) must refuse to accept the anti-social behavior of “the street”, preach adherence to prevailing social norms (family, civility, work, achievement, respect); and reject victimhood; b) governments must stop wasting money on social programs which only perpetuate the victimhood myth and invest in programs which explicitly value standard norms (such as voucher programs which allow children to attend religious schools – btw, I am of no religion, but feel the discipline and values imparted there are just fine).

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