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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cato Institute (www.cato.org)

Heard another great book discussion on political and moral philosophy, the first on Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment. This on the philosophy of Neoconservatism a dangerous and insidious movement; but rebutted although not well be a real live NeoCon from Hoover. As before extremely intelligent and revealing discussion

For those who don’t know Cato, it is a Libertarian think tank in Washington.  Libertarianism is NOT a far right political philosophy as many think; and it espouses as many liberal views as conservative (pro-Choice, drug law liberalization, anti-invasion of privacy, etc.).  In short it has two basic principles; a) promotion of individual rights and liberties; and b) accepting government intervention only when it is objectively shown that the private or non-governmental sectors cannot do it better.

The Cato Institute is the one place in all the institutions where I am a member (Hudson, Heritage, AEI, CSIS, Carnegie, among others) which always offers discussion and discourse at a consistently high intellectual level; never shies away from challenges to a Libertarian viewpoint (most sessions have two sides of an argument presented); and as importantly will challenge most received wisdom.  For that alone, it is worth the price of admission (which is free, of course, with free lunch after sessions)

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