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Friday, May 10, 2024

The Mistresses Of Presidents - Times Change, Men Don't, So What's The Matter With Joe Biden?

There have but a scant few Presidents of the United States who have not taken advantage of the perk of office - a little bit on the side.  We might think of JFK as the Casanova of the White House, and indeed he did the office proud.  Marilyn Monroe might have been the jewel in the crown, but there were many others, all seduced by the young president's charms. 

Crippled FDR had his paramours at Hyde Park, LBJ recruited the Secret Service to pimp for him, Bill Clinton had his many assignations, and even Richard Nixon, the least attractive, least sexually appealing man ever to sit in the Oval Office had his thing. He might have only had one dreary, pin-curled secretary, but it counted for something. 

Only Jimmy Carter who was more faithful than 99 percent of American men, admitted his profound fidelity.  Although he admitted to 'lusting' after women, it was only in his Oval Office daydreams. 

The personal biographies of past presidents back to Washington, Adams, and Jefferson include lovers, paramours, prostitutes; and casual affairs were par for the course.  Jefferson's liaison with his slave, Sally Hemmings, is well known, but none of the Founding Fathers were too busy for that - the inescapable male prerogative. 

If it all came out in the open, historians might not find the likes of Marilyn Monroe in the presidential chamber, and would find most of the presidential consorts not worth the ink.  There was the alleged mistress of Millard Fillmore, a downstairs maid whose two husbands had died and left her with nothing but a set of twins and leaky boat; or that supposedly of James K. Polk, who kept company with the voluptuous slave sisters Jemimah and Elmira who worked the fields of North Carolina and who were noticed by the President on one of his trips back home to Pineville. 

General and future President Grant, was said to have many mistresses during the Teapot Dome scandal, many of whom were political spies, others opportunists seeing in the corruptibility of the man some easy money, and still others who were seriously attracted to the martial hero of the Civil War and bedded him from Vicksburg to New Orleans. 


These men lived in times far before the censorious years of the 21st century - far in chronological distance and even farther back in social history.  Men were adulterous, sexually adventuresome, impossibly unfaithful, and as on the lookout for easy sexual prey, and their liaisons were considered part of the territory.  A man who kept it buttoned up and stayed by the home fire was suspect at best, ribbed at least, and at worst left in the dust of riders of the open range. 

What is not new is male sexual appetite.  Whether in France, America, or India – a highly conservative and religious country not unlike the United States – men stray, stray often, and stray continually.  Whether in the echelons of power or in the bushes, men are having sex with women other than their wives.

Henry Kissinger said it best when he noted that power was the greatest aphrodisiac; and this old, ugly man had his pick of women.  Aphrodisiacs work both ways - old Henry was always horny, and women wanted to sniff at the hems of power.  So not only have presidents been no different from any other men, they, thanks to their power, influence, and visibility, are even more attractive, available, and eager.  The White house was a pussy magnet and has always been. 


In fact, the sexual vagaries of American presidents added to their political stature.  Men wanted to have what they had, and women wanted them.  There was no shame in presidential adultery, only admiration.  Why, voters said, should  man change his ways just because he was elected to high office.  Just the opposite should be true in a competitive, market-driven society.  The more power, money, and influence, the more perks and the more women

JFK, LBJ, MLK Putin, Mitterrand and a thousand others have never seen any inconsistency between virile heterosexuality and national leadership.  It is the emasculated presidents and premiers, they have said, who can never lead their  countries to world power and dominance because they are YY-deficient, women in men’s suits who believe in love, sharing, consideration, and belonging.  Machismo and potent, world pre-eminence not only can be conflated, they are functionally related. 

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There is something compelling about Jack London’s story of Buck (Call of the Wild) – his tale of aggressiveness, and male dominance.  There is a completeness and perfection in the male character of Buck – he has no feminine side – and his will is male, one unmistakably virile, potent, and forceful.  While many men may publicly disavow any such characteristics as primitive evolutionary throwbacks, privately they feel that they have capitulated their maleness, accommodated women far too much, and become neutered.  It is one thing to support women’s equality of opportunity and enterprise, another thing to feel emasculated by their insistent claims of emotional and intellectual superiority.

It is better to have a male, macho president in the White House than  a politically correct one.  As much as we may think that we are a sexually- and gender-evolved nation, the rest of the world thinks otherwise.   Putin, Kim, and the Ayatollahs have read Machiavelli, and know that an ingenue, a naïf, an idealistic, overmatched  president is in the White House.

So, what has kept Joe Biden tethered? What political bit has reined him in? What to make of a Delaware Irish Catholic married for decades and whose sexual life has been – according to investigative reporters – as pure and pristine as Ophelia, St. Margaret, or St. Luke de Paul? As far as as the international press is concerned, Joe Biden is a complete, faithful, uxorious, choir boy and not up to the machismo of Putin, Kim, or the Ayatollahs.  Male sexual authority and political power can indeed be conflated.

It doesn't matter that his sexual pull-date has long passed.  It's just that even if he could, he wouldn't - a sexually peckish, indifferent old man whose sexual ethos has always been a stringy parsimony.  Sex in the Biden Administration only a hard-bitten political imperative. It matters more what you are than what you do. 

Donald Trump is in the dock defending himself for paying hush money to a porn star for having sex with him.  Of course he had sex with her and a hundred other women.  Of course he paid her to keep her mouth shut during his presidential campaign; and of course he jiggered the books to cover it up.  Par for the course, business as usual, nothing out of line here.  Just doing what any other red-blooded, ambitious American male would do. 

Democrats who have engineered this legal fiasco, this political Salem witch hunt are surprised that the former President's poll numbers have actually increased as a result of the trial.  Not only are his supporters angry that he has been pulled off the campaign trail for nonsense, but that he is being tried for an affair which he readily admits - one sexual encounter among many by a man who has never been ashamed of his sexual appetites.  And above all, their Donald Trump is not that pussified wimp of a man in name only, a MeToo slave to bullying women, a sexual disgrace, Joseph Biden. 

Why is Trump so easily forgiven?  Why have the charges against him been summarily dismissed by his supporters? Because 'So sue me' is the meme of a man of the mean streets of New York.  What real estate mogul ever showed up at an adversarial meeting with flowers and a Catechism? Of course Trump plays fast and loose, what else would you expect? And expect we will when he faces down the ayatollahs.  

Trump, no young buck, is one nevertheless.  Better him in the White House squiring beautiful women than the old guy in the Oval Office escorting the sexless nominees of the gender spectrum.  

Things will change once Trump is back in office.  Not only will the tired, tepid, and discredited policies of the Left be scrapped, but the lights of the White House will be on again. 

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