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Sunday, May 5, 2024

At Least Our Illegal Immigrants Are Not Muslims

The United States is awash with illegal immigrants - tens of thousands of Joses, Marias, and Juans who have come to El Norte for a banquet of riches. 

Jose Miranda had lived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for all of this twenty-eight years, and had made a good living in the drug trade.  Honduras had always been a safe transit point for cocaine from Colombia, fentanyl from China, and heroin from Vietnam.  

Relatively safe, of course, since the illegal trade was so lucrative that gangs would contest territory; but nothing like the Obregon and Sinaloa cartels of Tijuana.  No, here in The Goose as the gringos called the Honduran capital, life was far simpler and secure.  Product in, product out, with millions changing hands in a day and everyone to bed happy. If you watched your P's and Q's you could lead a good life.

In fact Jose had a hacienda in the campo, a wife, three children, and a mistress in Morazán.  He was a cattle rancher on the side and shipped his beef regularly to Kansas City and Omaha.  

Yet Jose saw all this as small potatoes and nothing compared to the lucrative market of El Norte.  Honduran cartels in Los Angeles and Tucson alone were responsible for a billion-and-a-half dollars a year in fentanyl alone and their jefes lived like kings.  

Once he became a citizen or at least a Green Card-holder, he could go back and forth across the border, see Estella in Morazán, check on his cattle in the llano, and have a swim in his Brentwood pool in the evening. 

Now that the Biden Administration had opened the doors to all comers, getting in to El Norte was no longer the difficult ride it used to be. For him, a wealthy Honduran, there would be no long dusty bus trips through the Sonoran desert, no coyotes to pay, no tacos and beans, cactus, scorpions, and diamondbacks.  A few thousand here, a few thousand there to the right people in the right places on both sides of the border, and he was as good as in the honeymoon suite of the Beverly Hilton. 

He would send for his wife and children once he was established in LA.  He wanted to find a nice place in Bel Air and one on the beach for them. He would throw parties that Tegucigalpa had never seen - grand parties with real whisky, American girls, and French champagne.  

And indeed, Jose's dream came true.  Biden was as good as his word, and the crossing the border was as easy as pie.  He was welcomed by the Madrigal brothers, their cousins, wives, and partners and thanks to them, prime housing was a cinch, and business guaranteed.  He had armed guards, his own armory of Kalashnikovs and Uzis, a fleet of servants, two Cadillac Escalade ESVs, and raft of 'attendants' at his beck and call. 

While he and his crewe did not have to worry about La Migra - Joe Biden's open door policy made them immediately supernumerary - there were of course the bulls of the DEA and Homeland Security, so all was not completely hunky-dory.  He had to take precautions, but nothing to worry about. 

Although Jose's trip north was an easy one, the muchachos he chose to join him in El Norte came by land, crossing into Mexico at Tehuantepec, up through the southern states, through the desert, and the crossing at El Paso.  They were among the thousands of Latinos who had come just to get a break from the tedium of life in Managua or San Salvador, a chance to join their extended families already in America, or like Jose, to begin making big money instead of the chump change they made by low-level drug transit operations. 

The whole thing was a bonanza for everyone south of the border - a sumptuous delight, an opportunity, a final chance to move up and on. 

Fatima and Ahmed el-Azar were Syrian immigrants to France who had made their way across Turkey, into Greece, to Marseilles, and finally to the northern suburbs of Paris.  They were devout Arabs, making the trek to flee the secularism of the Assad regime and the pogroms of his Tonton Macoute-trained secret service.  Fatima and her husband were good Muslims who only wanted to join the likeminded community which already existed in France.  


Here they could benefit from the wealth of the EU, the welfare state, and the policy of laicism - once you set foot in France you were French.  No one asked about your race, nationality, or religion.  It was a haven for conservative Muslims who grew in number each year, in a happy de facto sharia community. 

When they arrived they were happy to join their brothers and sisters in the northern suburb of Seine-St. Denis and even happier to live in a veiled, prayerful world far from Christian Paris.  There halal was around the corner, muezzins chanted the Fair, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha prayers every day from the Al-Akbar mosque, women were in full burqas, chador, and veils, men drank coffee in the cafes and smoked hookahs, and life was good. 

Fatima and her husband hated the attempts of the French government and the Parisian municipal authorities to secularize them - remove the veil, dismantle the madrassahs, and insist on becoming more and more like Christians.  The imams at Friday prayer said that solidarity was the only way to stop this assault on Muslim values, this naked attempt to destroy our religion and our Muslim culture. At every place in this Muslim-hating city, good Muslims must resist and rebel. 

The crowds around the mosque grew every Friday and became animated and forceful. Resistance was a matter of principle and the will of Allah.  The French will not succeed this time in their crusade to rid France of Muhammed's (Peace Be Upon Him) armies of faithful.  There will be no Jerusalem, no Roncesvalles, no Pope Urban II.  This will be a Muslim century, a Muslim country, and a Muslim Europe.  There will be an Islamic Caliphate, the imam insisted.  This is Allah's continent, Allah's time,  and Allah's world.

Now, a succession of European governments have been Biden clones - or perhaps Biden pre-cursors in their openness to unlimited immigration.  The world is one, they said, and the poor and disenfranchised Muslims of Africa and the Middle East need a place of refuge, solace, commiseration, and support. 

Now, of course, the chickens have come home to roost.  The consequences of this policy are painfully evident.  The Muslim immigrants who were so generously welcomed have bitten the hands that feed them - they want all the wealth, security, and opportunity of Europe but without the cultural responsibility. 

'Islamization', say Giorgia Meloni, President of Italy and Geert Wilders and Marion Marechal, political leaders of the Netherlands and France, is a curse and must be removed, expunged, and destroyed. 

Islamization threatens the very heart of Christian, European, culture.  It negates Michelangelo, Racine, Kant, Picasso, and Kierkegaard, demands a narrow, cloistered, blind vision of society, confirms only feudal obedience to Allah as a way of life, and calls for the removal of every trace of non-Muslim religion, philosophy, and culture. 

So, by comparison we in the United States should be thankful that all we've got thanks to Joe Biden's open borders are the likes of Jose Miranda, drug dealer. That we can deal with.  After all, he and his posse and the thousands of posses and gangbangers coming to El Norte are Christian and have no intention on changing the capitalist, money-making, opportunist culture of their adopted country. That is that is why they came here - to make money, lots and lots of it. 

We don't have ten thousand Muslims praying to Allah on Times Square.  We face not a cultural revolution but simply business as usual. The drug trade is just trade after all, and we have always needed immigrant arms to do our dirty work.  But a European caliphate? Ouch. 

Somehow we will assimilate all these Latinos because most of them just want to make money.  The Europeans are not so lucky.  For all the patriotic calls for the end if Islamization by Giorgia and Marion, the calls for a caliphate are even louder.  France already has a greater percentage of Muslims than any other European country, the immigration has not subsided, and natural increase among them is high and far higher than Christian counterparts. 

At least our immigrants are not Muslims.  

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