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Friday, February 23, 2024

The Vacuity Of Joe Biden - How Banging On About A Thing Makes It True

The world is an increasingly complex and complicated place, and it takes more than a Delaware politician to figure it out let alone to make any sense at all.  Geopolitics for him is a matter of good guys and bad, white hats and black, good vs. evil, and not much in between.  

Vladimir Putin is not the product of an Imperial and Soviet past - long generations of princely rule, authoritarianism, and a storied history - a man whose talents were honed through Cold War espionage, nurtured by an ethos of suspicion, tribal and ethnic internecine conflict, and universal rule, but a bully, a murderer, and an exploitive dictator. 


Xi of China is not the embodiment of Imperial China, the emblem of Confucianism, Mandarin authority, and Han cultural enterprise but a resurgent Maoist, a man with hegemonic designs and a few billion people behind him. 

The Iranian ayatollahs are crazed religious zealots, fueled by a brutally violent religion and nothing to do with the Persian empire, Persepolis, and the spread of science, art, and literature.  The Ayatollah Khomeini, the driving force behind the Revolution and the ushering in of endemic terrorism and political mayhem was little more than a wild prophet playing on resentment of the Shah and his own Western imperial designs. Koranic fundamentalism and the ambitious spread of radical Islam are no more than geopolitical aberrations, side issues to the centrality of liberal democracy. 

All cattle in the pen - a roguish group of pests who haven't seen the light, greedy men with a lack of compassion, sensibility, and reason, all to be gotten rid of. 

The view of American conservatives is as myopic, historically ignorant and self-centered as that of our international nemeses.  It is a brutish, backwoods, cracker mentality gone public - a dangerously misogynistic, racist, homophobic rubes and ignoramuses.  

Of course Biden and his progressive supporters ignore the origins of American conservatism - the core Hamiltonian values embodied in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, adapted and honed from the Enlightenment by Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin to form what they saw as a perfect Union. 

The freedoms embodied in the Bill of Rights were God-given, not desultory add-ons to a document which spelled out the administrative and legal duties of government. They are the essential America, honored and recalled by conservative Americans who prefer historical reference for guidance and inspiration; and who kwant and intend to conserve the insights of the Founding Fathers, not replace them with facile adaptations of an imagined universality. 

So Biden, his political handlers, and followers in Congress, seemingly incapable of learning from history or looking disinterestedly at world and national events, bang on about the whole Satanic lot of Putin, Trump, Xi, and the Ayatollahs. 

The election of Donald Trump will ipso facto be the end of democracy, they say, the return to Jim Crow and the predatory laissez-faire capitalism of the Robber Barons.  Trump will quickly and surely consolidate power and join the club of autocrats.  Democracy will die.  

Biden and his Administration have a lot to answer for - a draining of the national treasury for made-for-corruption 'infrastructure' projects and discredited social welfare boondoggles; the divisive campaigns of diversity, equity, and inclusion; the chaotic non-policy at the southern border; the helter-skelter in-and-out inchoate foreign policy; insensate debt relief, and much more. 

Yet these missteps, lack of governance, and fairy tale promises are gone from public debate.  The President, under water in the polls, teetering and wobbly at every public appearance, incoherent about anything except his boyhood summers at Rehoboth, has been told to hammer away at Donald Trump. 

All else requires some degree of analytical thought, careful parsing, and objective reflection, so talk only about the likely demise of democracy as we know it, the visionary importance of the Black Man, and the rightness of social change. 

The American people, implies Biden, are a bunch of gullible fools, and will swallow anything if said loud enough and repeated often enough; and he has gathered around him a Cabinet and staff cut from the same cloth.  Gone are the days of JFK who insisted, no matter how credulous and uneducated the masses, his government would be one of intelligence, thoughtful political philosophy, and the best of European and American culture.  Some of it at least would be heard and appreciated in Dubuque. 

Not so the Biden Administration where because of the increasing weakness and of their leader, the absence of sound, proven ideas, and the zealous hysteria of progressives, only hammering, banging, and harping matter. 

Conservatives, however, are unaffected by the tripe, pick on Biden for his specific, identifiable, recorded failures.  Where have the billions in taxpayer monies gone? Why has the President let in thousands of immigrants willy-nilly with no policy whatsoever?  Why is spending billions on an unwinnable war in Ukraine, and backing off from unconditional support of our only true, loyal partner, Israel? 

Why, other than the color of his skin has the Black Man been raised to the pinnacle of human society? And what are the logical premises on what is this gender-twisting program of spectrums and sexual idolatry based?

The man can't help it.  He can't help his mind or his political complaisance and willingness to play the front man for programs of social 'reform' and 'justice'.  He has been a willing dupe for the progressive agenda which he thought seemed like a good thing, contrary as it was to his predecessor's radical Republicanism.

Best of all, it required no eloquence, no thoughtful parsing a la Bill Clinton, no Biblical or historical reference, no algorithms or political calculus - just hammer away at the foulness of Donald Trump and the coming Utopia. 

There is good reason for Biden's numbers to be as low as any recent President's.  He has done nothing but spend money like a drunken sailor, back the most divisive programs in memory, trade logic for dreamy promises, and stumble about looking for a way out.  God help him. 

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