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Friday, August 28, 2020

The Trumpster Wins Again–A Campaign Extravaganza On The White House Lawn

No matter how much Hatch Act howling; no matter how much caterwauling at the glitz, glamour, flags, and fireworks of Trump’s acceptance speech; no matter how many enthusiastic, delighted, passionate Trump supporters in the crowd, progressives are licking their wounds and wondering what hit them.

‘A criminal act’ they shout, another expression of the innate, systemic evil of the man, blatantly using the hallowed ground of the White House for political purposes.  ‘How could he?….Has he no shame?’

Of course not, and not only does Donald Trump  have no shame, but his actions as always not only play to his crowd, but are in the face of his livid, spluttering haters.  Whatever legal defense Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional shills may mount, Trump has: a) prepared a sturdy defense.  This is where I live, he says from the podium or the Rose Garden, or from the balconies of the White House; and b) go ahead and sue me.  In either case the point has been made.  Trump is the candidate of patriotism, American values, and a bulwark against socialism.  What the Left has never understood, despite the pervasive, universal, environment and culture of media, image, meme, and logo, is that how you appear is far more important than what you say or even what you do.  Round One is decisively in Trump’s corner because he has both strengthened already solid credentials with his base, but has stymied his liberal contenders, cast them in a dour, miserable, accusative, anti-American light.

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A liberal colleague reflecting on the RNC’s success, said, ‘OK, but what are his programs?’, referring to the the breadbox of the stale, inedible, moldy programs of Democrats and progressives – programs, policies, and initiatives which have failed for decades, which have cost the taxpayers billions, and have currency only because of their idealistic appeal.  

The colleague had missed the point.  Conservatives have no ‘programs’ to improve race relations, no government largesse and entitlement giveaways because government, as Ronald Reagan presciently stated, is not the solution but the problem.  Conservatives understand that if there is any systemic problem in America it is the universal dysfunction of black inner city communities.  And systemic problems can only be addressed by disaggregating and focusing on the variables that influence them.  In this case, family disorder, civil disrespect, a culture of street creds and ‘cultural identity, an environment of easy money and entitlement, and a reluctance to accept personal and community.

There are no conservative white papers, policy formulations, or list of ‘investments’.  The time for government intervention is over.  Sixty years of liberal interventionism have made little difference in the life and culture of black inner city communities.  In Washington DC residents have watched all social indicators decline – education levels, graduation rates, crime, single parent families, drug use, violent assault have not improved, but worsened.  Few in the liberal Eastern Establishment, however, have been willing to recognize these dismal results. 

 Nothing from the outside, no exogenous influences, can possibly make a difference.  It is time for dysfunctional black communities to man up, accept, embrace, and adhere to majority norms of respect, temperance, civility, opportunity and order.  No, this is not, ‘Negro, be patient’.  It is a cry for individual responsibility, rectitude, and moral discipline which has been the hallmark of America since its inception.

Trump was very clear in his acceptance speech.  The cancel culture is wrong, degrading, and un-Constitutional.  There can be no abridgment of civil rights on campus, no kangaroo courts, no assumption of guilt on the basis of accusation.  Individuals and enterprises have religious rights which cannot be erased by popular appeal.  The rights of the unborn are sacrosanct.  America first in all matters of trade and international relationships.  No illegal immigration, low taxes, fewer government regulations on business.

The rest is fol-de-rol.  He is and always will be the consummate carny barker, vaudevillian, Las Vegas headliner, Hollywood star.  He is what most Americans would like to be – a billionaire, trophy wife, yachts, homes in Gstaad, the Caribbean, and Monte Carlo, and a life which has been downright enviable.  So what if he has taken some liberties as President.  What do you expect from a man of the mean streets, entrepreneur, real estate mogul in the world’s toughest market, television producer and financier?

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Donald Trump has finally liberated the American public from liberal sanctimony, coastal elitism, and received wisdom.  His populism has been revolutionary.  Not only has he recognized and supported‘the people’, he has given them visibility and respect.  A respect that the rural poor of the bayous, the prairie, Appalachia, and the desert West have never really known.  It is not so much that he has acknowledged this important but forgotten piece of the electorate, he has championed their ideals, their romance, and their ambitions.

  He, unlike his progressive opponents, has said that these honest, trailer park, bass fishing, hunting, evangelical, Christ-loving, family-loving, beer-drinking crowd are Americans, first and foremost, no faux identity needed, no patronization, no pat on the back.

The Democrats wonder what hit them, when with only a cursory look at Joe Biden, a timorous candidate hiding behind his mask, socially distanced, and speaking to empty halls, being advised to avoid debates, to speak as little as possible, to smile, and to hope, shows how outmatched they are.

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The radical liberal claque behind the Biden candidacy assume – as Hillary Clinton did four years ago – that no one can possibly take Donald Trump seriously.  A buffoon who belongs in a side show, certainly not in the White House; but the sound and light show at the White House last night gives lie to that assumption.  Donald Trump is here to stay.

Now the show goes on the road.  The over-the-top, mask-less, cheering, flag-waving crowds of the Middle West who laugh at the sanctimony of the New York liberal Left, who dismiss their platform of identity, gender-twisting, color-first, government authoritarian interventionism as folly at best and faded, bottom-drawer, discredited, moldy ideas at worst, will always drown out poor Joe Biden and his tacked-on Uncle Joe sweetness and deer-in-the-headlights cluelessness.  So far, no contest; and as much as the progressive Left my be convinced that they cannot lose, even that beaten, sore, and still smarting loser Hillary Clinton advises Joe, “If you lose, don’t concede”.  Of course he can lose, and lose badly enough so that recounts are not even in the cards.

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The contrast between the RNC and DNC conventions could not have been more stark and telling – one, a dismal, bargain-basement, timorous, plea to right the historical wrongs of a failed and immoral country; and the other a hymn to American greatness,

Of course there is hyperbole on both sides, but if Trump profits from the bump of the convention and rides his ready-made Hollywood television image for what it’s worth, the election is a done deal

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