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Saturday, June 1, 2024

The White Bitch Of Pharoah Jones - Donald Trump Sent To Angola Federal Penitentiary

Pharoah Jones licked his chops as he heard that Donald Trump would be sent to his prison - Angola Louisiana Federal Penitentiary, the maximum security lockup where the most hardened repeat offenders, murderers and rapists all are sent.  All prisoners are lifers, and with no hope for parole and no death penalty, anything goes.  Conventional morality does not exist, and the only punishment for in-prison murders is solitary confinement; and given the brutality and commonplace killings, the cells are always filled. 


Jones was sent to Angola at age 33 for rape, aggravated assault, and murder.  It was this third conviction for rape, and he had spent most of his life in prison or jail.  This third offense, the rape and murder of a teenage girl from the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, locked him up for life. 

Jones was a rapist, and as such made no distinction between men and women.  Rape was an instrument of brutality, torture, and domination, so the sex of the victim was incidental.  He had raped many in his time at Angola, but few of those assaulted brought charges, so fearful were they that they would be murdered by him.  He avoided murder to avoid solitary but never needed it to settle scores.  His brute physicality, criminal insanity, and brutal aggression were enough to keep him atop the social pyramid. He was indeed the pharaoh of Angola. 

The few white men at Angola kept their distance.  Fucking them was obligatory but distasteful to Pharoah - ugly, scrawny piney woods, trailer trash crackers - so once they were shown the rod and staff, Pharoah went on to better things.  Life was an equilibrium for him - too much intimidation and there were no offenses to be avenged.  He was not in it for the pleasure but for the rule, the dominance, and the brutality. 

Pharoah Jones was the worst product of both nature and nurture. His father was as brutal a murderer as he, known in the Ninth Ward as The Butcher, a man who killed his victims and then beheaded them, impaling the heads on lamp posts or fence spikes. He was in and out of prison since the age of 15, at which time the presiding white judge, anxious to rid the streets of this menace, evaded the rule protecting minors and sent him to Angola. 

Pharoah's mother was a crack whore who did tricks, dress raised and back to the wall on Desire Street, one after the other until she had enough to get high. She had no brains, no sense, and no ambition.  The flooded, nasty, rat-floating streets of the Ninth Ward were all she knew. 

None of this is meant to explain or even justify Pharoah Jones, only to note that this is what President Trump was to expect once he passed through the gates of Angola. 

Now that Trump was convicted of the financial coverup of hooker hush money, only prison time would suffice, and not in some minimum security, country-club facility with trimmed hedges and flower pots on the perimeter.  No, only hard time would do for someone who tried to overthrow the government of the United States on January 6th and during the runup to the 2020 election in Georgia. The Top Secret documents he kept at Mar-el-Lago were CIA reports of his collusion with Russia to assure re-election; and the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels was no less than icing on the cake. 

The conclusion of the Trump trial had always been a foregone conclusion given the virulent anti-Trump prosecutor, judge, and jury; and now that they had the taste of victory still on their lips, they wanted to be sure that demon Trump would never see the light of day.  Incarceration in some hell-hole prison would be the only possible option. 

The President, the judge considered, should be sent to Angola. everyone's worst nightmare  The President would on Day One see what abuse, oppression, and indignity was really like. 


There were not just a few in Washington who thought Angola a fitting end to the Trump saga. Some who had never heard of the prison and knew of incarceration only from the movies, thought it would be like the days of the Mafia when every big goomba sent to federal prison did easy time, lobster and foie gras time, and ran the rackets, the dope, and the murders from behind bars. Not so, of course.  While that might have been the case in some minimum security prisons, the reality of Angola was quite different.  It was the final resting place of murderers and child rapists. 

‘He will be treated just like any other prisoner', the warden of Angola announced when rumors reached him of the possible incarceration of the President; but he and everyone inside knew differently.  He would become Pharoah Jones' bitch, his crowning glory, his maximum achievement, his towering, monumental achievement. 

The Left crowed with the news that Trump would be sent to Angola.  It served him right.  Stringing him up or burning him at the stake would be too good for him.  Only being the bitch of the likes of Pharoah Jones would serve him right - the only punishment worth the crimes of treachery, insurrection, and downright evil. 

President Biden was alerted to the judge's likely ruling and consulted his lawyers about procedure.  No President had ever been put behind bars before, so he was in uncharted waters.  Was Trump entitled to Secret Service protection while at Angola? Would he be given any presidential perks, and receive his pension? 

Not on your life said his advisers, and the gang of Congressional claques who had argued strongly for his arrest, cheered loudly when the guilty verdict was brought, and were delighted when rumors of Angola surfaced.  Once behind bars, the former President would be just another prisoner. 

'How long do you think he will last there?', one of the so-called Squad, the most virulent of anti-Trump persecutors was asked.  She smiled and replied, 'Anyone's guess', and with that the former President's fate was sealed. 

Pharoah Jones couldn't believe his good luck, looked himself in the mirror and said, 'I'm the man'.  He strutted his way from the cellblock to the yard, talked big over fatback and beans, and fucked LaFarge Johnson just for the fun of it.  The President was coming to Angola and he was to be Pharoah's bitch. 

As of this writing, two days after Trump's guilty verdict, sentencing has not yet been pronounced, and there is always the possibility that he will be sent to Danbury instead of Angola and live like the goombas in Goodfellas, but if Democrats have his way, he will be sent to Louisiana and be heard from never again. 

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