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Friday, March 29, 2024

Fear And Loathing In Washington - Insurrection Redux And The Return Of Donald Trump

January 6th was a farce - Spring Break revelers in fright wigs and Viking helmets ready to party - and only the Left took it seriously.  It wasn't just an unruly, drunken Mardi Gras extravaganza, they say; it was an insurrection planned and directed by former President Donald Trump. 

Nothing in the record or anything in the investigation of the lead-up to the events of the day has proven any complicity or encouragement by the President.  It was the work of crazies, mountain men, idolators, crackers, zealots, and nothing more.  The Capitol Police were unprepared, the Secret Service and FBI woefully ignorant, and the DC police AWOL.  

It was a Keystone Cops clown show, a bullying parade of backwoods losers and peckerwoods with no clue about revolution, coups, or overthrow.  It was an avoidable mess, the greenery should not have been trampled, the halls of Congress not pissed on and honorable Senators not disrespected.  But a serious, planned, strategic attempt to take over the government of the United States?  

Citizens of Nicaragua, Angola, El Salvador, Mozambique, Uganda, Argentina, Chile, and a hundred other minor Third World countries laughed when they heard the news.  They had suffered bloodshed, civil mayhem, and a social disorder that was uprooting, destructive, and lasting.  Haiti is now going through a period of total, complete anarchy - a country without a government, a chaotic post-apocalyptic nightmare of murder, savagery, and disaster.  

Heads rolled under La Veuve, the Widow-maker, the guillotine of Robespierre's thugs, thousands were slaughtered in the Russian Revolution, and perennial brutal changes of power are the history of Europe.  January 6th, a revolution?

Joe Biden and his handlers have decided to beat this dead horse during this year's Presidential campaign. 'Democracy Matters' is the martial drumbeat signaling the coming Armageddon.  The avant-garde phalanxes are in place, thousands of progressive Paul Reveres are riding through towns, villages, and hamlets warning people that Trump, the Idolater, the Insurrectionist, the Anarchist is coming. 

This particular hysteria, this political flim-flam, this systemic fever has been around for a decade with no effect.  Trump was elected once, narrowly defeated a second time, and well-positioned to take the White House again.  His supporters are paying no attention to the howls of the Left but instead deconstruct their man's words and focus on the chaos on the southern border, defund-the-police race-baiting erosion of civil order, trillions of dollars of walkin' around money - unaccounted-for, sure to be diverted and spent on good times money -  gender idiocy, and lollipop and cotton candy foreign policy. 

The howling and breast-beating of the Left have had no effect whatsoever.  In fact, the Left's witch trials, railroading, and gotcha courtroom scams have had just the opposite effect. The more we harp on the evil of Donald Trump and expose him as the anti-Christ, say liberals, the more the message spreads, the more people will see the vanity and moral corruption of the man and will return their good, honest, caring President. 

'Just listen to what he says', shouted a liberal Democrat over a spoiled dinner, referring to the incendiary words of the former President but ignoring completely the methods of the man.  Outlandish statements, outrageous remarks, and exaggerated claims are nothing more than stand-ins for policy, hyper-memes to infuriate his opponents while getting the message across to his supporters.  

Hot references to child-abusing, criminal, dope-dealing Latino gang members pouring across the unsecured border are hyperbole, yanking the chain of diversity-loving progressives for whom all comers are good people, refugees from misery, hardworking guest workers and highlighting the essence of illegality and the importance of civil order. 


Trump's Borscht Belt comedic insult of those ‘alternately sexed’ does not mean, as his opponents claim he would intern, punish, and neuter them Nazi style.  His words, loud and outrageous as they are, mean only to alert the electorate to the flaming idiocy of sexual diversity.  

His offhanded dismissal of the dysfunctionality of the ghetto and the unregenerate hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter championing racial rights instead of racial responsibility is not racist but indicative, time to call a spade a spade, to look objectively at corrosive social ills. 

Of course Trump, as a son of Hollywood and Las Vegas, a performer, vaudevillian, and big tent revivalist in the old American tradition, doesn’t mean what he says.  He says what he means.  His is a political circus act with a semiotic foundation.  Crazy as a fox and as smart as a whip, he speaks a firestorm but is as rational – more rational in fact – than his opponents who speak in platitudes, shopworn nostrums, and old-fashioned appeals to righteousness.

The Left listens to his words and takes them at face value, but Trump is smarter, more savvy, and a genius at rhetoric, a Mark Antony, a Hamlet, a Demosthenes; and ironically the embodiment of Derrida and Lacan, deconstructionists who insist that the words of a text don't matter, only the hidden content, the pernicious and persistent catalogue of social injustice behind them.

Deconstructionism has had its day, although because of tenure there are many academics who will preach this secular animism until the day they die.  All texts are equivalent, they say.  There is no such thing as artistic genius, and the works of Shakespeare, Aeschylus, and Dostoevsky should be read only within the narrow context of  race, gender, and ethnicity.  Hamlet and Macbeth are nothing more than plays about political power, the corrupt nature of elites, and the alienation of the many to serve the powerful.

If one reads text carefully, deconstructionists say, one will discover the true meaning behind the words which are mere and artificial constructs of individuals who can but express political zeitgeist and the particular configurations of social, economic, and cultural conflict.

So where are these deconstructionists when it comes to parsing the stump performances of Donald Trump? Why are they so literal in their interpretation of his words?  How could they assume that his hot button rhetoric is anything more than getting sinners to walk up the aisle and accept Jesus as their personal savior? 
This myopia is not surprising, for despite progressives’ claims to objectivity, rationality, and on-the-one-hand-on-the-other tolerance and consideration of differing opinions, they intend no such thing.  Their canon of diversity, race-gender-ethnicity, and social liberalism is as enshrined as any.

Such political and philosophical absolutism ipso facto requires blinders.  In an a priori world where right and wrong are pre-determined and absolute there is no room for due consideration or rational debate.

It is very clear – except to progressive deniers – that Donald Trump was a revolutionary president, even more so than Ronald Reagan.  Reagan, it must be remembered, challenged the legacy of FDR, LBJ and the American liberal establishment when he said, “Government is not the solution.  Government is the problem”, and went on to challenge the received wisdom of liberal America.  He tossed liberal accommodation and concession aside when he stood up to the Soviet Union.  

Donald Trump was as radical as Reagan in his challenge of the culture of entitlement, diversity, and cloture of free speech.  The Trump presidency was welcome not only in political quarters where the final internment of liberal progressivism was applauded; but in intelligent quarters whose residents were happy to see the last remnants of dire, extremist, post-modernism buried along with it. They are even happier now.

The Trump presidency gave lie to many things – the arrogance of the liberal Left which has refused to acknowledge the realities of the white, working poor; the isolation of liberal academics who talk a great story about equality but who reject the legitimate claims of the middle class in favor of the oppressed and put-upon minorities; and the absolute myopia of progressives who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of a conservative populist president.

And the next Trump presidency will be even more sanitizing, a final cleansing of the Augean stables, a dismantling of the attempts to redefine sexuality, glorify racial separatism, give away the store for made-for-corruption infrastructure schemes,  and search for ‘compromise’ with implacable enemies. 

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