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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Guillotine - Affirmative Action Turned On Its Head And Harvard President Gay Gets Hers Lopped Off

It was too long in coming and about time.  Harvard President Gay resigned her post in disgrace only six months after appointment - she had been removed for academic insufficiency, deception, and plagiarism and for tone deaf, unconscionable defense of anti-Semitism on campus. 

She had been an affirmative action baby, chosen by Harvard's board of directors not because of any academic excellence or leadership, but because she was both black and a woman - two birds with one stone - a selection which, the board thought, would solidify Harvard's reputation as an inclusive, diverse, equitable place. 


Gay's impossibly ignorant testimony before a House committee and continued defense of her self-serving stance, and later revelations about her intellectual dishonesty and ridiculously pimped out academic career did her and the university in. Not only was she summarily cashiered, but Harvard itself was outed for its bald-faced kowtowing to the radical Left.  

No one was supposed to notice that Gay was fished out of a stagnant pool and set up as a puppet administrator.  She was black, after all, and that according to the progressive lexicon was ipso facto sainthood.  Being a woman added cachet and cover.

Howls of 'racism' were heard up and down both coasts.  Gay had been tarred, feathered, and run out of town by a bunch of MAGA thugs.  She was lucky not to have been spayed and mutilated like her enslaved forbears. 'Race is everything' is the meme, and admitting that the woman had been vaulted to a position of prominence for no reason other than her sex and color would have been capitulation, a retreat from principle.

The Harvard debacle is important not only because its credentials as America's premier institution of higher learning have been tarnished - in fact the ivory tower has been toppled - but because it demonstrates the progressive rot within all of academia.  

The presidents and boards of major universities have reflexively sided with radical identity politics where victimhood is the be-all and end-all.  Black people are ipso facto heirs to the kingdom, at the top of the human pyramid, icons of innate naturalism and beauty. Palestinians - murderous and unprincipled - are righteous defenders of sovereignty. 

Gay men and women, especially those on unique places on the gender spectrum, are knighted exemplars of the new sexuality.  Transgenders who have physically altered themselves to match their gender choice are the nation's new heroes.  Immigrants coming across the southern border in waves are expressing their indignation at poverty, political oppression, and autocracy. 

Nothing on these campuses, clotured and immured even hints at the truth. Black people must take responsibility for decades of dysfunction, crime, drug addiction, and fatherlessness. There are, always have been, and always will be two sexes and no amount of intellectual chicanery will change the facts. Tolerance of illegal immigration is an exercise of futility, designed to accelerate black and brown demographic share, and disruptive of the normal curve.


Americans are supposed to accept without question the appointment of a failed academic to a storied post at the nation's top university simply because she is black and a woman, just as they are supposed to overlook reality and accept blackness and femaleness as superior human traits.

There are those who refuse to face facts and prefer to subscribe to 'innate absolutism', the theory that some ideas, concepts, and principles cannot be contested.  Received wisdom with a divine imprimatur. There is no way that the sorry state of the inner city can possibly be the result of endogenous dereliction. It has to be the result of white supremacy, the systemic racism which it has spawned, and the manipulative, corrosive capitalism which underlies all.

Bob Muzelle, an Ivy League graduate and a legatee of America's colonial past (his ancestors had not joined the Mayflower, but instead were investors in the rich lands of the New World they had discovered), had turned coat and became a progressive's progressive, a man with a passion for social justice and reform; a man who would never, ever, tire of the struggle to right the American ship, to create a truly compassionate, respectful, diverse, and inclusive nation.  

Not even when hammered and bludgeoned with the truth, would Bob give up his ideals.  The black man, the transgender, the Latino, and all people of color in the world were the rightful heirs of God's bounty. 

Bob was a signatory, among five-hundred other well-known members of the Left who had pleaded with the Harvard board to keep Dr. Gay as President.  Keep her, they wrote, as a right and in defiance of those who seek to disparage, dismiss, and defame her as a poseur and imposter. Do the right thing.  Keep MAGA at bay. Give in not one inch.

And now she was gone as President but not completely exiled, only reduced to the level of a mere professor of freshmen who still want a darshan of the lady.

Who was next? Any reasonable person would appoint a straight, white man with impeccable academic and leadership credentials; but the progressive mind being what it is, Harvard might still go woke and recruit someone from the big tent. A gay man might be accepted like Pete Buttigieg was in Biden's cabinet.  He and his partner have children, but since he looks like America and is not a swishy, South Beach outr√©, people forget his sexuality; but what's the point of appointing a gay man unless he is unmistakably gay and South Beach?

The great inclusive juggernaut has been slowed. It was good that it happened at such a visible place - Harvard, an icon for all that is superior.  Now that the flimsy excuse for leadership has been debunked and dismissed, maybe the whole racial preference thing can be laid to rest.

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