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Friday, December 22, 2023

America's Love Of Buffoonery - The Hopeless Sanctimony Of The Left And Why Donald Trump Will Win Again

The Left doesn't get it and never will.  How could this raging racist, misogynist, homophobe possibly be beating Joe Biden, a man of rectitude, decency, and temperance?  How could this circus clown, vaudevillian, Borscht Belt tummler be ahead of their man in the polls?  How could a liar, a cheat, a dissembler, and a moral reprobate be a hero to anyone?

After nearly four years of hammering, vilifying, and badgering the man, he is more popular than ever; and not only that, their man, champion of black people, leader of the sexual revolution, hero to the poor and disadvantaged, is losing ground fast..  

Trump supporters of course understand perfectly.  They are sick and tired of sanctimony, intellectual arrogance, moral posturing, and downright cynicism. Tolerance, community, and plurality are one thing; pandering to race, gender, and ethnicity - forcing race down their throats, glorifying faux women, and pushing smorgasbord sexuality - is another thing altogether.

Trump wants nothing of this absurd righteousness and lets the country know it.  At the podium, in a crowd, before the press, he is as hilarious as Henny Youngman, as outrageous as Eddie Murphy in his putdown of twisted social deformities. No holds barred, he says what everyone is thinking, having a grand old time at someone else's expense, a comedian, an OK Corral gunfighter, a Hollywood and Las Vegas showman if glitz, glamour, yachts and arm candy.  

Who wants to be a 'progressive' like this man, a social caricature, ambulance chaser, and public nanny?

The potency of this cultural insistence - this refusal to lie down and be a good boy, to take as a matter of faith the fantastical twists of the Left - let alone the remarkable resilience of the former President - ought to be enough to send progressives scurrying.  But no, evil will out, they say, ours is a heroic, noble, and existential fight; yet the more they howl at the moon and make faces in the mirror, the higher Trump rises in the polls. 

Doesn't it tell you something, conservative pundits ask, that the man is unfazed by the zillion lawsuits against him? That the charges of tyranny, treachery, and breaches of national security bother him not one bit?  Not one iota? 

Trump supporters know that to be a success in America you have to work the system, play the shell game of sincerity while intending nothing of the sort.  New York real estate is not Candyland. Hollywood Moguls and Las Vegas hucksters from Bugsy Siegel on down are Trump's legacy.  He is their heir; and Americans know that their country was not built on good faith and moral rectitude but low blows and chutzpah. 


Of course Trump played fast and loose with the truth, cut legal corners, skated on ethical thin ice; but did Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Vanderbilt worry about who they stepped on?  America was built on snake oil, Ponzi schemes, shell games, and vaudeville, always will be. 

The Left is afraid of Donald Trump, very afraid.  If he were just a nuisance, an afterthought, and a has-been, he wouldn't be on every CNN and MSNBC broadcast; hauled before the courts in one state after another; harassed.  He is the opponent they most fear.  

Imagine Trump, full of himself, at the top of his form, as outrageous and confident as ever at the podium with Joe Biden, a man who can't find his way up or down, makes no sense, and when he tries only mouths the angry entreaties of his Congressional claques and old Upper West Side liberal supporters. 

At the same time, Trump is no fool, and his policies are more radically conservative than Reagan or Barry Goldwater.  He is for the dismantling of an inefficient, bloated government bureaucracy, less regulation of the private sector, a rollback of punitive measures to accept sexual 'transition' and minority rule, a return to absolute free speech, a muscular Machiavellian foreign policy, a sane energy policy, and much more. 

Trump has both things going for him - he was the first truly American president, unwashed, unvarnished, anti-intellectual, all show and image, bombast and playground fighter to the core, and unrepentant patriot; and he’s right on policy.

Meanwhile Biden bangs on and on about inclusivity, evermore expanding the definition to include the side show fringes of sexuality; about redistributive economics, classic giveaways driving the nation to higher taxes, higher interest rates, and higher inflation; about craven geopolitical internationalism - everyone first, America patiently in the queue. 


Why is this all so hard to understand, savvy political observers ask? The Left has argued that Trump is all about lies, misinformation, and distortion; but what are the Left's claims to social reform other than impossible fantasy, old socialist chestnuts and failed political policy?  

The rest of the world gets it and has turned to radical conservatives in Holland, Italy, Argentina, and the Philippines with Scandinavia, France, and Belgium not far behind. 

This badgering, hectoring, limitlessly arrogant intolerance of the Left has had its day. Over and done with.  America will once again choose one of its own. 

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