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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Hell, No To Wooden Dildoes - Biden's Swan Song And The Return Of Donald Trump

 'Be afraid, be very afraid' was the poster meme for a Hollywood horror movie; but it could be a film about Donald Trump.  Why the Left is so afraid of the man is curious and surprising.  There are enough differences in policy, programs, and political philosophy to simply take him on politically, or better yet dismiss him; but they cannot. There is something frightening about the man, something terrible that goes beyond politics. 'Hate has no home here' says the lawn sign, a totem to ward off evil, a banner to the 'better angels of our nature'; or more likely the first lines of an exorcism

We confidently undertake to repulse the attacks and deceits of the devil.  God arises; his enemies are scattered, and those who hate him flee before him.  As smoke is driven away, so are they driven.  As wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish at the presence of God


Trump is Milton's demon, cast out from heaven, but unbowed, challenges him for the rights to eternity.  Milton's devil is heroic, determined, purposeful and unstoppable. 

The contest between Trump and Biden is not political but Biblical.  It is existential, say the Left.  The fate of the nation and the world depends on his defeat. 


Where, oh where did progressives become so obsessed with Armageddon? How have the descendants of Roosevelt become such crazed, unhinged streetcorner preachers? What happened to the 'Let Us Reason Together' compromises of LBJ? How have liberal Democrats become the stumbling, lurching zombies of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  

The US electoral process has never been a pretty one, and scurrilous charges over paternity, license, fidelity, and moral fiber have always been part of the scene. Just yesterday Republican hopeful Chris Christie called his opponent, Nikki Haley, 'slippery and slimy', benign thwacks at a legitimate candidate and nothing like the seriously down and dirty. Historian Kerwin Swint notes:

Almost everyone will remember the 2004 battle between George W. Bush and John Kerry. But no less dirty was the lesser-known fierce 1800 contest between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams for control of the White House, finally settled on the floor of the House of Representatives in Jefferson’s favor. Number one? The brutal 1970 Alabama Democratic primary, in which George Wallace repeatedly slurred his opponent Albert Brewer as “sissy britches,” spread false rumors about Brewer’s sexuality, and made patently racist appeals to white voters.

There are numerous victims of muddy political skirmishes, including Helen Gahagan Douglas, smeared as a communist by Richard Nixon, and Michael Dukakis, whose defeat in the presidential election of 1988 by George H. W. Bush was due in part to the infamous “Willie Horton” ad.

The vitriolic, incessant, hysterical hatred of Donald Trump has been front and center for almost a decade, ever since the man showed up on the political scene.  He was a never before seen politician, a newcomer to politics straight from Las Vegas, Hollywood, and the nasty world of New York real estate. He was full of bombast, vaudevillian pranks, Borscht Belt zingers, and foul mouth.  He cared nothing for nobody, was full of himself, outrageously flippant and over the top.  

He was a man of the people. Finally, his enthusiasts shouted, one of us, one of us.  America has never been a Kennedy Camelot country complete with Robert Frost and Pablo Casals.  We are all glitz, tinsel, pasties and booty.  We love starlets, yachts, over-the-top resorts, braggadocio and OK Corral shoot-'em-ups. 

So perhaps the hatred comes from an inverted envy - liberals are proud of their sensible shoes, Jewish bookishness, Samuel Gompers and Saul Alinsky community action; but deep down want Trump's arm candy, sequined beauty queens and outsized personality. 

Perhaps it is because what liberals have considered received wisdom, an anointed canon of righteousness and absolute good is being challenged.  How could anyone contest what is obviously and evidently right?  And yet there he goes again, lambasting climate change hysteria and the ridiculous shadow play of no gas stoves and the return of ice boxes.  The most hilarious clip on social media is an AI reconstruction of Greta Thunberg, young climate activist, speaking from a lectern asking women to give up their battery powered vibrators. What's wrong with wooden dildoes, she asks, or your fist?  It's time for all of us to think about the planet. 

The Left's agenda of drag queens as storytellers, tough-looking trannies in see-through glam bodices and ugly-as-sin male-female sexual turnabouts in the Cabinet side show has had its day.  No one is buying tickets anymore, so fold up the tent. 


You can't think straight when you are discombobulated by hate, so the Democrats are in a tizzy about the upcoming elections.  They have an old man who no longer can make sense running for reelection.  He is a codger who shuffles about like a demented grandfather and yet is still President of the United States.  His claques do their best to prop him up and claim victory for 'the wallet issue' -  the economic rebound - but the healthy rise is the result only of the Fed's husbandry, successful despite Biden's inflationary, illogical drunken sailor spending on discredited public 'investments'. 

Support for the war in Ukraine - a foregone conclusion of Russian victory, billions of dollars of desultory military support, fear of Putin, and a faded, discredited policy of peace at any price - is increasingly unpopular, but Biden is tone deaf.  Support for Israel, half-hearted, weak, and pusillanimous are losing not gaining him credibility in the Middle East.  His border 'policy' is a dismal failure and national shame; and his social policy of race-gender-ethnicity, an obtuse distortion of human history and common sense is finally seen for the ridiculous show it is. 

Does the reelection campaign strategy focus on these issues? No.  Biden and his shills simply cannot give up the fight against the Devil; and the more they launch witch hunts, Salem-style trials, smear tactics, and burning at the stake attacks, the more popular Trump becomes. 

For the good of the party, it is time for the chaise longue.  The President speaks longingly of Delaware, Rehoboth, and the warm, cuddly friendship of former constituents, and should quickly head north.  Yet, since he is not his own man these days, he is propped up, fueled with vim and vigor and told that he can win in 2024.  Not in a coon's age.  He is already history, a stale, unsaleable piece of yesterday's loaf of bread. 

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