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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Illegal Immigration And The Biden Open Border Policy–Diversity, Inclusivity, And A Nation Of Color

“America is too white”, said Leticia Brown, advisor to the President and head of the White House Office of Diversity, Inclusivity, and Fairness. Brown did not hesitate in speaking, nor did she pause to carefully choose her words.  She was chosen to be outspoken about the Administration’s policy of ‘racial parity’ – the acceleration of the transformation of America from a white, privileged asylum to a multicultural Utopia. 

For her and those around her such transformation had no need of justification or legitimacy. Diversity was ipso facto a good thing, and the majority of a multi-colored, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic society inevitable. In this society there would no longer be a ruling class, a concept long since discredited by the corruption of white kings, queens, and secular despots. 

The new society, reformed through the example of the formerly oppressed, will be collaborative, compassionate, tolerant, and respectful and will rule itself.  It will be a true government of the people.

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Only within the Biden White House was such racial language permitted.  It was far too provocative for the public, a significant proportion of which still clung to old patriarchal ways, and cherished the long-faded and discredited European legacy of empire, colony, and cultural hegemony.  While they needed to be disabused of their racist, retrograde ways, it was still too early to call a spade a spade and confront them with the true reality of progressive reform. 

White people have had their day, are fast becoming supernumerary and entirely unnecessary, and their time is limited.  In the  new millennium they will be the slaves, the bearers, the servants, and the lackeys of a brown and black society.

All of which is to suggest that theories suggesting that progressive reformist policies are behind the unbounded welcome for illegal immigrants are not unconscionable. 

Most conservative economic analysts contend that there is no economic justification for the Biden policy of such an unregulated influx.  Cities like New York which have seen a tide of unexpected ‘visitors’ cannot integrate them as quickly, easily, and seamlessly as the Administration assumes.  New York City schools are overwhelmed with the children of immigrants, the welfare rolls beyond anticipated financing, policing and supervision of restive tent cities stretched, and the private sector slow to hire uneducated, unskilled workers with no English competency.  Billions of dollars of taxpayer resources must be generated to accommodate the unanticipated pressure on public resources.

The Mayor of Washington, DC has called for National Guard assistance to help the city cope with unanticipated immigrants.  States of Emergency are not uncommon in those jurisdictions similarly overwhelmed.  They simply are neither prepared for nor equipped for the integration of undocumented foreigners. 

The Migration Policy Institute of America notes:

Immigration could help employers hire for hard-to-fill positions, and it could reduce the costs and increase the availability of goods and services, especially in growing sectors such as health and elder care. But while immigration may benefit employers and workers with complementary skills, particularly at the high end of the skills spectrum, it can negatively affect some low-skilled workers, who have already been hard hit by technological change, globalization, and weakening labor unions. Reforms of immigration policy to support economic growth should thus be paired with a broader agenda and investments to raise the skills and earnings of workers without college degrees, whether native born or immigrant.

In other words, a rush of new, low-skilled immigrant workers will put undue pressure on those American workers increasingly displaced by technology and finding even entry-level jobs difficult.  Even before the Biden Administration’s open door policy, the private sector was already hiring undocumented workers at below market prices without benefits.  The open door policy ushering illegal immigrants into low-paying, often extra-legal jobs may temporarily alleviate some of the post-pandemic shortages, but ultimately will continue to disruptive economic non-policies of before.

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Liberal economic advocates suggest that the Biden influx will compensate for the pandemic restrictions on immigration causing a 2 million worker shortfall (in agriculture, hospitality, and health); yet more conservative critics agree that the totally unregulated flow of illegal immigrants will cause chaos rather than compensate for labor shortages in an orderly way.  If the Administration were seriously focused on the labor market, then it would have a coherent immigration policy which offered temporary worker permits, priority of skilled labor, and border transfers linked to Mexican and US economic growth.

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While there is no question that immigrants have always played a significant role in the labor market and the US economy, the Biden Administration’s non-policy represents an abject neglect of federal social and economic responsibility.  Without a coherent immigration and labor policy, it is no surprise that racial conspiracy theories abound.  

Given Biden’s apparently careless economic approach to immigration – how else to characterize his complete disregard for order and a rational approach to the problem -  it is no surprise that conservative critics see a more insidious reason behind the non-policy.  Black and brown immigration is by nature good, healthy, and important for the social transformation of America, liberals say.  The increasing flow of immigrants from the south will serve to accelerate demographic change, hasten the decline of the white majority, and further the propagation of a truly multicultural society.

Worse, say the most suspicious of government overreach,  the billions of public dollars and associated welfare programs to care for these visitors will serve to expand the role, influence, and importance of the State.  The goal of progressives, they say, has always been a multi-cultural, diverse self-ruled country overseen by a benign and all-encompassing State.  The Biden immigration non-policy will not completely do the trick, and be the be-all and end-all of social reform, but is but one small, but significant and illustrative bit of the movement.

Progressives, given energy and increased legitimacy after the Biden election, have in the two years of his Administration pursued, promoted, and aggressively marketed their idea of social reform.  They have been transparent and obvious in defending the key elements of this reform – by nature, history, and African legacy, the black man is a man of native rectitude, morality, and evolved humanity; by nature and proclivity gay men and women represent a radical departure from the old, discredited ideas of heterosexuality; by similar nature and deformed ambition, the white race has been an oppressor since the beginning of human history; and finally, capitalism is the worst expression of white elitism.  

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True believers, proponents of radical reform and reconfiguration of society, have always done anything and everything to further their cause.  It is not unconscionable, say Biden critics, to believe that changing the demographics of America in the right direction and in one fell swoop is not an element, no matter how small, of the progressive reformist agenda.  Especially when logical explanations for the immigration chaos are lacking.

There may well be a legitimate reason behind the Biden border policy – some yet undiscovered data hidden in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some regional demographic events which prove that the demand for new immigrant labor is inexhaustible, that the country has always been quick to adapt to immigration and take advantage of its energy and optimism.  Yet until such data is made public, suggestions of a movement to promote a socially corrupting, damaging agenda are not unreasonable.

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