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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Let ‘em In–’Delaware Has A Beautiful Shoreline’ And Biden’s Other Excuses For The Border Crisis

In a recent press conference the President, when pressed about the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants crossing the border unchecked, said it was not a problem.  Most of the newcomers are from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, he said, and to send them back would be moral failure of the first order.  To force these worthy people to return to the harsh, punitive dictatorships which they fled, to consign them to further deprivation of life and liberty and to force them to live in gulag conditions is unconscionable.

He suggested that these migrants were of a different ilk – not the ragged bean-pickers that had made their way from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, but political refugees deserving of America’s interest and attention.  The wetbacks were Trump’s problem, but once the flux had begun, there was no humane way of turning it back.

In other words, business as usual, let ‘em in was to be the operational policy of the United States, for humanitarian and political reasons were sufficient to justify the millions who were seeking refuge. 

Of course, this is a policy without being a policy.  If humanitarian reasons were a compelling issue then America should be open to the millions suffering in poverty, disease, and oppression in Africa.  Most African regimes are kleptocratic, murderous, and indifferent to anything but self-aggrandizement and personal glory.  The Big Man is still the rule throughout the continent, and despite the ‘success’ stories touted by liberals, no country has seen real economic or social progress.  There is no continent more worthy of humanitarian and political asylum than Africa.

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‘Not our problem’, said Biden in camera.

No, ragged, despairing Africans are not out problem, thankfully, reflected Biden. 

What about the moral border, asked the President’s more philosophical advisors? If Venezuelans are let in willy-nilly for supposed rights violations, than why shouldn’t our door be opened to citizens of Equatorial Guinea? 

Under President for Life Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo human rights abuses including murder, unlawful imprisonment, torture, and inhuman conditions in prisons. There is no free press in the country and Obiang has also created a cult of worship in the state.

His theft of state funds has increased his personal wealth and the wealth of his family to staggering levels. It is believed that he has a net worth of $600 million which makes him one of the world’s wealthiest heads of state. In 2003 he took control of the treasury because of “widespread corruption” and said that he needed to put half a billion dollars into a bank account that he controlled in order to protect it. Obiang and his cabinet get billions each year in oil revenue but it does not translate to more public spending but rather spending on presidential expenses.

The people of Sudan are no less worthy of American consideration. Omar Al-Bashir is currently the only standing president to have arrest warrants issued against him by the International Criminal Court. His warrant is for crimes against humanity largely for the crisis in Darfur in which he was found to be connected to the genocide that occurred there. He was indicted on crimes of murder, extermination, torture, rape, forcible transfer and the war crimes of pillaging and intentionally directing attacks against civilians. These are severe accusations but they have not dampened the adoration of the Sudanese people for their president and many other African nations have spoken against the indictments. Since Sudan and Al-Bashir do not recognize the International Criminal Court he continues to remain president.

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The list of African misery stories goes on, yet the United States is concerned only about its southern border; and therein lies the illogic of Biden’s immigration policy.  Tens of millions of Africans and Asians would come pouring into the United States if allowed. For them America is still the shining city on a hill, the land of wealth, opportunity, and good living.  If humanitarian issues are at the heart of Biden’s immigration policy, then the door to Africa especially should be opened and the welcome mat put out.  If political oppression is the yardstick, then the people of Angola, Chad, and the Congo should be given first choice.

In short, Biden has no immigration policy.  It is based on the wobbly progressive notion of inclusivity and diversity and nothing more.

The people of the American border states – Texas, Arizona, and Florida in particular – have had enough; and their governors have decided it was time to call out Biden’s hypocrisy and venal political interests.  They have recently been sending migrants who have entered their states illegally to ‘sanctuary cities’, jurisdictions which have proclaimed themselves beyond the law and willing to take any refugee without question.   The mayors of these jurisdictions have been flummoxed by the arrival of thousands of undocumented migrants.  The Mayor of Washington, DC asked the National Guard to help.    The Mayor of Chicago also under pressure by the unwanted arrival of thousands of illegal aliens, has spouted bile and hatred at Governors Abbot and DeSantis, racist governors she claims, political opportunists, human traffickers and slave drivers. 

The most brilliant ploy of all has been Texas’s shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, the tony watering hole of millionaires, political movers and shakers, an the old guard.  The Island has always been considered a safe redoubt, a refuge from the wild and wooly political world outside.  Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have second homes there, both worth over $10 million.   You want to be a sanctuary, said Governor Abbott, be my guest; and the citizens of the island at first showed solidarity with the migrants, giving them food and temporary shelter, but soon shipping them off to the mainland and someone else’s problem.  We love you, said Islanders, but NIMBY.   Neither former president opened their homes.  Not their problem either.

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‘The Border Crisis Comes North’, shouted the headlines of Northern papers; and so it had, and so it should be.

Clueless Joe Biden, in the same presser in which he muddled and bumbled his way to a hasty exit, said, when asked about intended shipments of migrants to his home state of Delaware, said, “Delaware has beautiful beaches”, thus flippantly and ignorantly paving the way for even more transfers of illegal border-crossers.

At some point – and the electoral mid-terms coming up in early November may well be it – the opinion of the American people will turn roundly and decisively against the Biden (no) immigration policy.  As much as immigration is at the very core of the American experience, enough is enough.  Worse is the growing realization that Biden’s open door policy is part of his broader program of ‘inclusivity and diversity’, according to which there is no need to justify the arrival of any brown or black person.  Racial, gender, an ethnic diversity is a good thing, ipso facto.

This policy has always been criticized for its lack of logic and rationale.  Biden speaks only in syllogisms and tautologies – ‘Diversity is good because a multi-racial country is good’.  Nonsense.  Real diversity - the pluralism of talent, intelligence, creativity, insight, and ability which has always guided the American experience – has been replaced by the simplistic, feel-good politics of identity.

The first WELCOME TO DELAWARE! signs are being put up just over the Delaware Memorial bridge and at all other major border crossings.  Yes, some of the beaches are nice, a bit honkytonk and middlebrow, but there is the Atlantic Ocean, and perhaps Biden will persuade the state legislature to build classy beach housing for the thousands of illegals set to come.

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