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Thursday, February 11, 2021

COVID, Conspiracy Theories, And The Truth From The Oracle Of Atlanta

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Word is going around the Internet that COVID is caused by 5G cellular networks.  The radio waves somehow disrupt human metabolism by causing disturbances in the frontal lobes of the brain, passing through a complex of arterial pathways, ending up in the liver where the cause hepatic malfunction and the inability of the organ to cleanse blood.  The virus which enters the human organism innocently and harmlessly is quickly transformed into its virulent form, consolidated the more 5G cellular networks are accessed, and in the most extreme cases, causes death through a shutdown of all bodily functions.

Theories about the corrosive, life-threatening properties of 5G, are now widespread and the number of people subscribing to them is growing rapidly.

  1. The 5G millimeter band is powerful enough to boil the water molecules in the human body. And this frequency was chosen to make everyone sterile.
  2. Because 5G has sterilizing properties, the deployment of 5G technology will be used as a weapon for global population control. To reduce the number of people in the world and control the people who remain.
  3. Babies who are exposed to 5G will develop autism.

President Biden has insisted on relying on ‘science’ for all his COVID decisions, and has made it clear exactly what that is – the evidence-based conclusions of Dr. Fauci and CDC. 

No one of course really believes that there is such a thing as settled science, for if there were, the sun would still be revolving around the earth; babies would come about from the tiny, fully formed human beings that exist within male sperm; and  disease would be spread by malodorous miasmas, a theory in Middle Ages that stated that sickness- especially the Plague -  passed to people through malodorous smells, such as the stench of sewage or cemeteries.

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The physicians during the Plague wore odd, bird-shaped masks physicians would wear. The beak protruding from the front would be stuffed with sweet-smelling materials that would mask the odor of the sick and dying to help prevent the physician from catching whatever sickness the patient had.

“Was there anything to it?”, the President asked his advisors.  “Anything to draw from here?”  Biden was known for his insistence on mask-wearing, and was about to sign an executive order mandating masks everywhere when Dr. Fauci suggested that the mandate should be to wear two masks.  “Why not three?”, replied the President, “just to be on the safe side”.  Of course the President’s dalliance with medieval medical theories was only that – a bit of fancy in trouble times; but the Plague masks did their job by filtering the air, and even though the plague was spread by flea bites, scientists acted upon good, logical, empirical thinking.  Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, Biden said.


When a picture of the President photoshopped to show him wearing a medieval crow’s mask went viral along with his “Was there anything to it?” comment, the social media went wild.  Conspiracy theorists who had long secluded themselves, afraid to air their somewhat questionable notions in public now joined the conspiracy mainstream.  Images of Dr. Fauci covered with so many layers of masks that he looked like a woman in purdah made the rounds.  The cat was out of the bag.  ‘Science’ was just another convenient meme to cover government’s arrogation of power and punitive use of it.  Soon those who defied the mask ban would be photographed and assessed fines or given prison time.  Already the Governor of California was about to be recalled because of his draconian shutdowns of the state, and there were those within the Biden Administration who thought that the Governor’s idea should be applied nationally.  “The threat is real”, said the President, “and all means within our power to stop it in its tracks are justified, warranted, and immediate”.

Had Biden said right upfront that there is no such thing as scientific truth, that science at best is a work in progress, and there is nothing at all settled about science, the back and forth from CDC would have been understandable, and the now fertile ground for conspiracy theories would be fallow.

During the first months of COVID, people were leaving mail in outdoor boxes for three days, fumigating all indoor areas daily, scrubbing hands red and raw, scouring sinks, counters, and stoves; spraying doorknobs with antiseptics; opening and closing doors with elbows.   Until the CDC said, oops, ‘tactile transmission’ of COVID is negligible.   It took months for the assumption that cats and dogs could harbor and transmit COVID to be dismissed by CDC.  “Although there was still a potential for animal harboring of the virus”, the spokesman of the institution said, “ we do not advise social distancing from animals”.

For a long while, the assumption than any indoor air where people congregated was ipso facto contaminated was prevalent; and CDC was advising that unless any public place from restaurants to schools to medical offices had industrial strength air purifiers, they must be closed for business.  When infections resulting from indoor congregation – done with distancing and masks – were found to be negligible, CDC again backed off.  They had simple erred on the side of caution, they said. Better safe than sorry.

So it is no wonder that conspiracy theories abound.  On the one hand conspiracists understand that there is no such thing as scientific truth.  Every scientific theory, no matter how brilliantly conceived at the time, has been challenged.  Astral projection, an assumption of out-of-body travel unlimited by physical laws, is common in Biblical, ancient Egyptian, and Hindu thought; and suggests that the speed-of-light constant is nothing but invention.  Mentally disturbed individuals have repeatedly and consistently spoken of being controlled by radio waves, but conspiracy theorists have long thought them sane; and not surprisingly, allegations that the Cuban government was causing mental disruption and physical malaise in the American diplomatic mission through the use of radio waves was confirmed. "The symptoms are consistent with the effects of targeted radio frequency radiation," said a report prepared by the US Government by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

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As far as objective scientific inquiry was concerned in Ptolemy’s day, he had done due diligence, and every observation and calculation confirmed his theory.

The “natural” expectation for ancient societies was that the heavenly bodies (Sun, Moon, planets, and stars) must travel in uniform motion along the most “perfect” path possible, a circle. However, the paths of the Sun, Moon, and planets as observed from Earth are not circular. Ptolemy’s model explained this “imperfection” by postulating that the apparently irregular movements were a combination of several regular circular motions seen in perspective from a stationary Earth. The principles of this model were known to earlier Greek scientists, including the mathematician Hipparchus (c. 150 BCE), but they culminated in an accurate predictive model with Ptolemy. The resulting Ptolemaic system persisted, with minor adjustments, until Earth was displaced from the center of the universe in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Copernican system and by Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.

In other words Ptolemy was a serious scientist and he based his conclusions on current and historical thought, scientific evidence, and logical assumptions and the Ptolemaic conception of the solar system lasted for 15 centuries.  So, why, then shouldn’t one persist in believing theories of 5G influence on COVID, fertility, and autism?

Of course Biden is skating on thin ice when he visits this ‘settled science’ issue.  As far as global warming is considered, he has gone on record by affirming received wisdom – the planet is warming because of human intervention; and such warming must be stopped in its tracks or Armageddon will come sooner than anyone expects.   Weather is described as ‘a complex system’, one with so many variables, physical interactions, and both endogenous and exogenous factors that affect accuracy and it has taken decades for the National Weather Service to provide reliable five-day forecasts.  Everything beyond that is iffy.  Imagine, say those who question the received, settled wisdom of climate change activists, how uncertain the projection for global weather, i.e. climate is.

Regardless, one and done.  Global warming, climate change, is fact, truth, and settled science.

However everyone thinks someone else is crazy. All attempts to homogenize thinking, to impose collective wisdom, or to enforce correct behavior have failed.  Even the gulags, Stalin, Stasi, Sevak all put together would not be enough to eliminate or even dampen unacceptable thought. We are a crazy race, so let us be.

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