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Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Trumpster Is Back! Let The Fun And Games Begin Again

Donald Trump will address CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference Sunday (2.28.21), and it is expected that he will either announce his candidacy for election in 2024 or give a strong indication that he will run.  After his defeat, his base – nearly 75 million Americans and 47 percent of the electorate – is as strong, committed, and determined as ever.  Trump may have been defeated, but he will not go away.  Despite his impeachment and acquittal in the Senate, liberal Democrats are still afraid of him, want to pursue criminal and civil suits against him, all in an attempt to prevent him from running.

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Of course these blatantly political attempts to circumvent the Constitution will fail, and the worst nightmare of progressives will come true.  Not only will Trump run in 2024, but he will be a loud, brash, and insistent critic of Biden and his extremist policies over the next four years.  Trump will be as oversized, theatrical, and manipulative as he ever was during his presidency.  He will not let ‘Sleepy Joe’ rest.  

Although the liberal media will choose not to cover Trump, and social media will continue to try to limit his access to their forums, he will find ample ways to be heard and be seen.  He will challenge the Constitutionality of media censorship in the courts, he will start up his own media network, and he will be covered by the conservative press.  CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times will be obliged to cover him – not to address the issues he raises, but to attack him for what they have called his dangerous lies and chicanery.

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Of course this is exactly what Trump wants.  He spent his Presidency by infuriating the liberal press, by laughing at their political naivete, playing them like a violin, and getting more press from negative coverage than any adulatory comments from the Right.  Now, after a few months of quiet, he is back; and back he will be with a vengeance.  He will pick up the same cudgels and hammer the Left with them.  He will ridicule, disparage, and dissent; and progressives, just as before, will be flummoxed by this master showman.

Nearly 50 percent of the American electorate never bought Democrats’ charges of misogyny, racism, sexism, and political shenanigans.  They voted against progressive fantasy and storybook Utopianism, against liberal cant and sanctimony, against the permissiveness that encouraged street violence and mayhem, against pompous claims of American systemic racism, and against the promise to open the state treasury for failed programs and initiatives.  

Now that Biden is in office, the Trump electorate will be able to see first hand how right their President was.  Biden’s peremptory moves to roll back Trump’s signal initiatives – attempts to reverse the course of America to the discredited days of early 20th century Progressivism – are exactly what Trump is eager for.  He and his supporters know the fallacy of Biden’s claims and his idealistic and impractical vision of a communalist America and a complaisant partner in geopolitics.  The Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreans will make the point even clearer, and will take advantage of this global Gandhian and his Utopian vision of a peaceful world.  Trump will be a shoo-in in 2024.

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The Nation’s Capital has been quiet since the Inauguration.  President Biden has been simple, patient, temperate, and considerate.  He always wears a mask – the icon of progressivism – never raises his voice, and promises hope and refuge.  He is doing what everyone – Left and Right – expected of him.  Make a good show early and often, show the voters that the ship of state is under sail. 

The media have been fawning and demurring.  Few challenging questions are put to Biden either in his press conferences or in the press.  They are giving him a free ride – not just because of the traditional ‘Honeymoon’ period after the inauguration of a new president, but because they have anointed him as the savior.  We all can worry less about global warming, progressives insist, about the derogation of black lives, the persistent oppression of the poor, the arrogant brutality of the police, and the unequal and demeaning distribution of wealth because Joe Biden is in office. 

Of course this is only the quiet before the storm.  There is no way that corporate America – still and always the power behind the political throne – will stand for punitive taxes, restrictive legislation, and intrusive policies.  They will object to restrictions on fracking and other alternative energy exploitation, the discontinuation of the XL pipeline, and inflationary spending programs.  

As the Supreme Court rules for due process and against the kangaroo courts of American universities, for the rights of businesses to exercise their corporate right to freedom of speech and religion, and against the current juggernaut of media censorship, the electorate will become encouraged if not emboldened.  The more progressives push their gender spectrum, and the more school boards introduce anti-white, reverse racist instruction and promote transgenderism and ‘alternate’ sexuality to children, the angrier citizens will become.  Those who voted for Biden on his promise of inclusivity but sorely disappointed, will turn to Republicans and to Trump.

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If we are honest, we have to admit that the Donald Trump show was the greatest show on earth.  He revolutionized politics by bringing it out of the sanctimonious chambers of Washington, the halls of the power elite, and the progressive cabals of non-profits.  He proved to America that ‘being presidential’ had nothing to do with good taste, reserve, consideration, and compromise – something Americans understood instinctively.  

After all, we are a nation of Barnum & Bailey, snake-oil salesmen, charlatan big tent preachers, shell game conmen, used car, aluminum siding, real estate, encyclopedia salesmen.  We are still untamed, raw, and impatient.  The image of a president above the fray, decent, moral, and principle – a man of authority and rectitude – simply doesn’t square with reality.  We are not that way, so why should our president?

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Not only that, we are a nation of Hollywood, Las Vegas, glitz, yachts, resorts, and arm candy.  Even if we can’t have trophy wives, homes in Biarritz and St Tropez, fast cars and luxury boats, we want them.   We have grown up on glamour, beauty, showy wealth, and the image of success.  We never wanted Jimmy Carter’s cardigan sweaters and homey hearths, nor do we want Joe Biden’s masked humility.  As much as the Left hated Trump for his very raw Americanism, those who voted for him saw him as ‘one of us’, the epitome of the tinsel and the American dream, Western shoot-out machismo, and outrageous ambition.

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As much as the Left bridled at his fast and loose ways with ‘the truth’, his braggadocio and impropriety, his cruel and insensitive humor; the Right loved it.  They wanted Eddie Murphy, Jackie Mason, and D.L. Hughley – outrageously politically incorrect, funny men who saw no holds barred and whose comedy resonated not rankled. They said what we thought. Today no one can say what they think, and people are fed up.

Trump’s way to the White House in 2024 will be cleared by mid-term Congressional elections.  Two years will be more than enough to show the irrelevance if not the historic irresponsibility of Biden’s progressivism.  China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Hamas, Houthis, and even a resurgent ISIS will challenge Biden’s one-worldism.  The American electorate will not roll over as fundamental Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian principles are abrogated; and as religion, the nuclear family, economic enterprise, and free speech are dismissed in the name of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’.

And let’s face it – the last four years have been a wonderful, outrageous, purging, and raucous good time; and we want them back.

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