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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recipes–Croakers (Hear Them Croak)

Croakers are not the usual fare in your high-end fish markets; but you can find them at farmers’ markets, more traditional fish outlets (like the Maine Waterfront).  They are only sold whole (cleaned) because they are small and relatively little flesh on them (lots of bones).  However, they are delicate and sweet, and well worth the effort.  NOTE: this is not a fish for people without the patience and experience needed to pick the delicious flesh off the bones. 

Here is an added treat.  Click on the link below and you can hear croakers croak.  I am not sure when they croak, since they are sea fish, but maybe in the nets or on the dock.


Sauteed Croaker

* 5 croakers (they are all about the same size, rather small; and 5 are just right for two people who like fish)

* 1/2 cup flour

* 1/2 cup cornmeal flour

* 1 Tbsp. Bay Spice

* 1 Tbsp. Cajun Spice (Prudhomme’s is a good brand)

* 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter

- Mix the flour, corn flour and spices together in a plastic bag.  Wet your finger, and taste the mix for the right amount of ingredients, you may need to add more

- Put the croakers into the bag with the mix, one at a time, and coat well.  Remove and reserve

- Melt butter over high heat in a cast iron skillet, if possible, until it just begins to brown

- Sautee the croakers: leave them in on one side until they brown and crisp; turn over and repeat the procedure.  The entire cooking process should take about 10 minutes

- Remove and enjoy

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