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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Radically Conservative Wins In Holland And Argentina - America Is Next

In the last few weeks (11/23) there have been conservative victories in both Argentina and the Netherlands.  In both cases the margin of victory was impressive and incontestable.  The voters in those countries, after years of failed liberal policies, had had enough.  It was time for a change, and not just a small correction but a major shift.  Both candidates were outspokenly far right, unashamed of their defiant stance against their countries’ long period of socialist idealism.

The victory of Javier Milei in Argentina was particularly noteworthy, for that country had been mired in Peronist ideology for decades, a feel-good populism with no financial restraint.  Money was printed in the tens of millions, driving inflation to spectacular levels, even above 1000 percent.  The country conflated the romantic vision of Evita, beautiful wife of Juan Peron, champion of the poor, immortalized in death as a saint, with a brand of give-away progressivism.  Since her death, her embalmed body has been on display, worshipped by adoring Argentines in a fabulist display of idealistic fiction.


The country, which thanks to its natural resources, European heritage, and favorable climate should be as wealthy, productive, and influential as France or Germany; but instead has become the caricature of magical realism – a country with no practical political direction, guided only by fantastical dreams of a comic book Utopia; an international discard, a supernumerary, a joke.

Then, finally, and at long last comes Milei, an unashamed Libertarian/Conservative who shouted ‘Enough!”, and the people, almost half of whom had been reduced to poverty by Peronism, responded in numbers.  Milei would be no pansy, no tinkerer, no altar boy.  He would go after the bloated, selfish government bureaucracy, fiscal and financial irresponsibility, and the ethos of fictional, fantastical, imaginary populism.

Geert Wilders of Holland is cut from the same cloth.  An outspoken, fearless politician of the conservative right who has long been an opponent of open immigration, especially Muslims who he has called out for their radical separatism, fierce religious ideology, caliphate-minded political ambitions, and anti-integrationist sentiments.  There was no give in his political posture.  Muslims in Holland, welcomed by his politically idealistic forbears, had been given a free pass.  They were under no compunction, legal or social, to join the Dutch community – to honor and embrace the country’s internationally-respected tolerance, collective intelligence, and social integrity. 

They were allowed to reject secularism, to harbor and promote an insurrectionist ideology, all the while taking from the state, enjoying its largesse while condemning its secular ethos. Muslim religious absolutism, come to the fore with its violent protests to the political satire aimed at their anti-democratic, medieval ways became worse as the tide of new immigrants flooded the country.  Holland was becoming deformed by a radical minority.

Holland was becoming dangerously fractured and at risk of becoming ungovernable; and the voters, like their counterparts in Argentina, said ‘No Mas’.

Wilders is not an outlier.  Radically conservative politicians have been elected to high office in many countries of Europe.  Italy after many decades of Berlusconi and his successors have finally elected an arch-conservative, Georgia Meloni to the position of President of the Republic.  She has been outspoken about unlimited immigration and reanimated a serious debate about national sovereignty.  

Italian governance has become a joke over the post-war years. Governments have come and gone at a whim, strikes and labor unrest kept economic progress behind the rest of Europe, and Italy has become an entry port for African illegal immigration. ‘Enough’, said Italian voters, hoping that this time strong, defiant leadership would help regain Italy’s premier position in Europe and the world 

The move to the right is evident from Germany, where the AfD has become the biggest opposition party in the Bundestag, to Spain, where Vox has become the third largest force in parliament. Poland is ruled by a staunchly conservative government which is proud of its Catholic heritage, its successful emergence from Communism, and its patriotic nationalism.  

In the European Parliament, nine conservative parties have formed a new bloc, called Identity and Democracy (ID).


In 2018, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban secured a third term in office with a landslide victory in an election dominated by immigration. The victory, he said, gave Hungarians "the opportunity to defend themselves and to defend Hungary".


Voters in these countries, like those in Holland and Italy, are not only frustrated with the political establishment, but have important and pressing concerns about globalization, immigration, a dilution of national identity and the European Union.


It is no surprise that Donald Trump is in a strong position to retake the American presidency. He like his European counterparts has been outspoken about unchecked immigration and the need for a recalibration of the national ethos from progressive idealism to conservative practicality.  

Perhaps even more importantly he has stood firmly against wokism, a socio-political movement which threatens American foundational religious and social values and has weakened America’s geopolitical importance. A nation so obsessed with race, gender change, and willy-nilly ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ has lost its ethos, its national center, and cannot possibly confront the potent, determined challenges of Russia, China, and the Ayatollahs.

American voters have become fed up with the taunts and hectoring of the Left, their insistent claims to righteousness, their arrogant attempts to cancel American history and neuter the country’s most revered Constitutional principles. While progressives on the coasts still march to the drumbeat of race, gender, and ethnicity and endorse the idea of a non-white, male-neutered, radical secularism, the rest of the country does not, and Joe Biden is very vulnerable at the polls in 2024.


American progressives ignore the rise of the Right in Europe – nothing to do with us, they claim.  Moral rectitude and absolute conviction will keep our country free from Donald Trump and radical European recidivism.


Nothing, of course, could be farther from the truth, and the great progressive shibboleth will come toppling down here as it has in Europe and the rest of the world.


Trump, Milei in Argentina, and Wilders in Holland are of the same breed of outspoken, unintimidated, defiant conservatism.  They will be heard, they will be listened to, and they will roll back a decade or more of failed progressivism and Utopian idealism. 

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