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Monday, October 9, 2023

The Failed Ideas Of A Morally Corrupt Society - Palestinians, Hamas, And Jewish Hatred

Although the United States has been Israel's most supportive ally, successive Democratic administrations have done so with reserve. The Palestinian people, the liberal meme goes, are the noble victims of Jewish aggression, forced into abject and persistent poverty for nearly eighty years by their  racist, slaver oppressors. 

This, of course, is a distorted, fanciful view of a people whose animus, virulent anti-Semitism, and inability to think in developmental terms, has kept them barefoot, poor, and backward for decades.  Accommodation with Israel is a simple matter, for recognizing the right of the Jewish state to exist is the only condition to peaceful coexistence, prosperity, and ultimate autonomy.  Once that condition is met, a historically accurate Palestine - a region of Jews and Muslims - can be realized. It is only Palestinian aggression, militarism, and violent hatred of Israel which has created the barriers, the roadblock, and the lock-tight control. 

Bill Clinton nearly succeeded in brokering a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israelis.  While Israeli Prime Minister agreed with the reasonable and generous conditions concerning the rights of both nations, Yasser Arafat, then representative of the Palestinians refused.  He was too beholden to the radical elements in the West Bank and Gaza to admit any Israeli sovereignty; and as a result of his political and personal vanity, the peace process ended and the region has continued to be at war. 

The Palestinian territories have received billions of dollars in foreign assistance from the United States and Europe thanks to these countries' unrealistic, romantic view of Palestinians - people of good heart, moral rectitude, and peaceful intent, they said, who have been understandably defiant of their oppressors.  The Intifada, the supposed outcry of a downtrodden people - actually nothing more than an expression of the persistent anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hatred that had characterized Palestinian policy and culture since Israeli independence - was a clear signal of political and cultural intransigence. 

Israel, always vigilant, savvy, and Machiavellian, knew quite well that American and European funds were going to build a military infrastructure, purchase arms and materiel, and finance terrorist camps where political indoctrination, anti-Semitism, and paramilitary training was to be taught.  Israel knew its criticism of America could go only so far, for it was its biggest arms provider and political supporter; but it knew that this love of inclusivity and Palestinian nobility would be its undoing. 

Barack Obama concluded a disastrous treaty with Iran, known supporter of Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad.  The US and its European allies were myopically focused on Iran's nuclear intentions and the treaty said nothing about its sponsorship of terrorism in the Middle East; so in the ensuing years Iran went ahead with building its nuclear capabilities beneath the radar of Western surveillance, and continued to cause trouble everywhere in the region, the Palestinian territories included. 


To add frosting to the already sumptuous cake given to Iran by Obama, Biden just released billions in sequestered funds to it, giving them additional resources to spend in their destabilizing, terrorist programs.  Only Israel has never taken Iran at their word, never trusted them, never gave them an inch. 

Now, thanks to American largesse, political naivete, and 'inclusive' romanticism, Hamas has led a putsch into Israel, killed over 1000 Israelis, and taken an unknown number hostage. The outcome of the declared war is uncertain because of these hostages which prevent what would ordinarily be a devasting, crippling, overwhelmingly destructive attack by the IDF. 

The moral depravity of Hamas is astonishing.  Because of their single-minded, impossible goal of annihilating Israel and returning Israeli lands to Palestinians, Hamas - and Hamas alone - has kept the people in Gaza in perpetual poverty, a place of persistent underdevelopment, a medieval sinkhole of venomous Muslim hatred, and a basement mentality.  The West Bank is no different.  Successive Palestinian governments have been less interested in governance than feeding an impossible optimism of return and siphoning off billions in funds from proper development to terrorism. 

This recent attack on Israel will do nothing more than assure the leveling of the Gaza Strip, show the world Hamas' ISIS-like barbarity, isolating it further from the commonwealth of civilized nations, and guarantee decades more of Israeli control.  The blood of Palestinians will be on the hands of Hamas, not Israel, no matter how much their zealots will howl. 

Israel - the Jewish state - is the only developed country in the region.  It is democratic, prosperous, and forward-looking.  Meanwhile the theocracies, kingdoms, and dictatorships of the region are still living in the dark ages.  From Morocco to Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, few countries have made the social and economic strides as Israel.  The Palestinian territories are the worst example of Islamic extremism, cultural inversion, and obdurate politicization. 

With a concerted international effort, ISIS has been largely neutered; and so can Hamas be.  It must be destroyed, removed, dismembered, and buried.   Perhaps without its insensate politics and Stone Age mentality, the Palestinian people can make some developmental advances.

Hamas is the people's jailers, the plantation slavers, the overlords, the prison guards, the jackbooted enforcers - not Israel - and until the Palestinian people and the seduced, credulous West realize it, the situation will remain hopeless. 

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