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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Got COVID? Life Goes On Despite Biden And His Shills- Progressive Hysteria Laid Bare

The new wave of Omicron variants is sweeping across the US -  the latest in the alphabet soup of killers – although most Americans have  moved on, pay no attention to Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and Joe Biden, and have accepted  the virus as part of life. This is not The Big One.

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Oops, the great progressive cause of the century, even greater than transgender outing,  the rise of The Black Man, and the Era of the Woman, has floundered.  

The Biden Administration, having put all its eggs in one basket, deified Anthony Fauci, raised ‘science’ to a Platonic ideal  and declared war on ignorance.

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Of course the Administration would never let go of its patriarchy and promoted new mask mandates in solidly Democratic areas – Cambridge, San Francisco, and Washington were more than happy to re-institute covering up policies.  

“It’s the right thing to do”, said Washington’s Mayor, masked and distanced.  “We must all pull together”, said her Bay Area counterpart.   This all in spite of the pandemic’s weakening impact, the coughs and sniffles of the newly affected, and the overall indifferent public response.

You can fool most of the people most of the time, the famous 19th century adage went, but enough is enough.  Most people saw others come down with a scratchy  throat, sinus congestion, and a nasty cough; but saw them recover and do well.  Quarantine? Isolation? Everyone was going to get some variant form of COVID so why hunker down while everyone else was spreading and catching it?  The virus had become a part of daily life, devoid of any existential moral imperatives, and only the  tool of Washington politicians.

The progressive Left could not bear to see its universal message of moral, social solidarity dismissed.  How could individuals so cavalierly ignore their message of communitarianism?  How could conservatives so flippantly reject the Biblical injunctions of the President?

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The progressive cabal in Washington quickly met to discuss this unexpected spanner in the works.  The American people were in  true conservative political spirit endorsing the que sera sera philosophy of Epictetus and Nietzsche.  Life, full of risks, unknowns, and unexpected roadblocks, was simply what it was; and the human spirit, the engine of optimism and progress for millennia, would prevail. 

“This cannot stand”, said LaShonda Johnson, spokesperson for the People of Color Coalition and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diversity and Inclusivity in the Biden Administration. “This Trumpist, racist, seditious rejection of science and righteousness  must be stopped in its tracks”.

How could the American people have adopted such a cavalier attitude in the face of the facts?  Hadn’t Dr. Fauci provided received wisdom on the issue?  What was this ‘I’ve had enough’ attitude in the presence of existential proportions?

LaShonda, the President, and the Vice President all watched 40,000 unmasked, un-distanced, hot dog-eating Americans cheer on the Astros against the Yankees – 40,000 people who would most certainly get Omicron B.5 or worse but who could care less.  The days of Soviet gulag-enforced, Pol Pot Year Zero resettlements were over for hundreds of millions of Americans but the Washington elite could still not give in.

Even though it was a mid-term election year, and even though the errant, foggy ‘leadership’ of Joe Biden presaged disastrous defeat, progressives insisted.  The Mask Mandate was no less of a moral icon than the Cross of Golgotha.  The mask signified social unity, a commitment to communitarian, universalist values.  It was far more than an impedimental vehicle but a sign of faith.  Wearing it was a symbol of dignity, respect and solidarity.

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Of course, no one paid attention.  The pandemic had been transformed into an endemic, a nuisance, a few days off one’s feed; a once a year illness if one was unlucky, but given today’s virtual work environment, not much lost.

Quarantine? Forget that too as Americans realized that everyone was  going to get B.A 5 or 6 or 7 , so what was the point of chicken soup in a darkened room? The algorithm had changed .  The tide had turned from lemmings to the sea to making up one’s own mind.  No longer would we pray to St. Fauci.

There were the desultory few who continued to wear masks in public out of particular personal concern or liberal duty; but most did not.  Go ahead, cough on me, they said. 

And so millions got sick from COVID, hacked and coughed, only semi-quarantined and went out to have a beer in open spaces and walk along the river.  The ‘never infected’  grew to an infinitesimal number.  Those who had sprayed their mail, used industrial strength purifiers, and hermetically sealed themselves off since early 2020 considered themselves righteously spared , but sadly so.  The rest considered themselves lucky, as consequence of genes and good living.

In the end, everyone got COVID and people paid no more attention to it than a seasonal flu.  The Great Pandemic of 2020-22 was nothing more than the Great Political Hoopla of the period, one and done, chalked up to political hysteria and the cant-filled notions of the Left.

Joe Biden finally got COVID, and once he emerged from his ten-day quarantine, he would no longer have to wear a mask; but the mask had  become so much of a symbol of progressive solidarity that he continued  to wear it in public.  “Residual T-cells”, he muttered to the press corps, “responsibility, pulling all together”.

The President if fact felt much better behind the NK-95.  His handlers had told him that his reflexive ‘Joe Biden Smile’ was not playing well amidst the pandemic or the war in Ukraine, so since he had become increasingly unable to corral it, better to hide it under the guise of righteousness.

So, on it went – the pandemic, Joe Biden’s sniffles, and everyone else’s inconvenience- and before long some other existential crisis  took its place.  In the wings was monkey pox, horror of horrors!

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