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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Biden, Transgenderism, And The Religious Melodrama Of Lilly Farmer

Lilly Farmer made her First Communion when the was eight.  The nuns of the Sacred Heart who taught catechism said that she was one of the most pious, studious, and charming girls that they had ever taught.  They knew that even at this very young age, she had a vocation and would join their order.

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Lilly came from a religious family, one which followed the teachings of the Church, went to Confession and Holy Communion every Sunday, fasted diligently during Lent, and made the Stations of the Cross during Easter week.  Lilly always joined her parents in their religious observances, and was especially taken by the depictions of Jesus as he made his way to Jerusalem, entered the city on an ass, was spat upon and reviled, and was crucified by Pilate.   

Her parents, like the nuns of St Maurice, felt that she had a religious calling, so heartfelt was her attention to Our Lord and her sympathy for him.  She was too young to understand the mysteries of the Resurrection, transubstantiation, and the miracles of the Bible, but had an empathy for things religious.  She felt the suffering of Jesus, and that was enough of a foundation for faith.  Her parents wished that they had had such an innocent, pure belief when they were her age.

She was confirmed at thirteen, despite puberty and early adolescence had lost none of her love and passion for the Church.  The nuns who taught her in middle school were even more convinced of Lilly’s vocation than their sisters were five years earlier.  They began to groom her for a novitiate at the Convent of the Sacred Heart .  It was a blessing, they thought, that a girl like Lilly – a bright, lovely, sensitive child – would be willing to give her life to Jesus and renounce the world.  There were fewer and fewer girls who were even marginally interested in this holy path.

Yet puberty does strange things, alters not only the hormones but attitude, approach, and the direction of one’s passion.  Lilly had murmurings that were disturbing, sexual intimations that were not quite right.  It wasn’t that she was attracted to other girls – all her energies were still and consistently directed to Jesus – but she had to admit that there was something more to her adoration.  Every Sunday she looked up at the marvelously male, sculpted, sensuous body on the cross and unlike most girls who harbored thoughts of being ravished by this glorious man, she wanted to be him. 

Fortunately she was coming into her sexual maturity during the Biden years, and the new President had made it clear from his very first days in the Oval Office that he was a transgender champion and a believer in the gender spectrum.  No one should be forced into one of two sexes, and the right to choose one’s sexuality was as enshrined in the Constitution as a woman’s right to choose abortion.  

Biden himself had never been tempted to consider anything but straight maleness – the press was on that case early on and interviewed hundreds of former friends, family, and colleagues.  Despite his Catholic education and upbringing and his repeated assurances that he was ‘a devout Catholic’, there had to be something ‘funny’ in his  background for him to express such commitment to a cause against which their Biblical injunctions let alone social ones.  Was he a closet gay? Or more likely, was he simply a bandwagon politician who saw advantage in welcoming the fraction of one percent of Americans who classified themselves as transgender. 

No, they concluded, this was a straight, white, Irish Catholic boy who had never looked astray.    In any case, the new President prominently displayed images of transgender men and women and the Folsom Street Fair in the Oval Office.  They replaced paintings of Madison, Hamilton, and Franklin; but said his Vice President, Kamala Harris, it was about time to make a clear statement.  The old sexuality was a thing of the past.

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The priests in Lilly’s parish understood her sexual drama quite well.  They were all gay, found the Church to be the most congenial, welcoming place for men of their sexual choice, and were no strangers to the gender spectrum.  They, like Lilly, had abjured the notion of straight sexuality and fantasized themselves as female saints.  One of the most popular was Saint Cecelia, perhaps because of her rare beauty and aristocratic upbringing and because of her intended marriage to an attractive Roman prince. 

 As the legend goes, Saint Cecilia objected to the marriage because of her holy vows of virginity, but was forced by her parents.  On her wedding night she refused the advances of Valerian and said that her guardian angel would punish him if he were force consummation.  The story ends well.  Valerian becomes a Christian and a martyr as does Cecelia. There was something so romantic and thrilling about her story, so operatic and delightful, that the priests acted her part in mini-plays the priests put on in the rectory.

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In any case, the priests understood the heady mix of transsexuality and religion – the powerful passions of both, and the marvelous edges on which one had to walk, and when she shared her desires with them – first in the confessional and then in private audience – they approved wholeheartedly.  There was nothing wrong with her feelings, they averred; in fact she was one of the very saintly few who understood the true dimensions of love.

“I want to become a priest”, she announced one day to Father Brophy.  At first taken aback, but then sympathetic, he encouraged her.  After all, under the current sexual ethos in America, she could simply declare herself a man, go to the seminary, take her orders, and become a priest.  Pope Francis had been avowedly supportive of vocation, however expressed, and was an early supporter of Biden’s presidential bid, his progressive views, and in particular his ‘inclusivity’  Gay men and women did indeed belong in the Church, and sooner rather than later, he would accept them – in all their guises – into the priesthood.  “The Pope will be no problem”, Father Brophy assured her; and because of Biden’s absolute secularism and refusal to grant any leeway to religious institutions to skirt civil rights laws, the seminary would do well to accept her.

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So, it was as simple as that.  Thanks to her continued profound faith, her support of the priests of St Maurice and the Archbishop, who himself was gay, she had no difficulty in gaining admission to The Seminary of the Apostles in Stony Brook.  She would dress like a seminarian, use the common restrooms, and never be shy about her toilette.  Since most of the seminarians were gay, they would have no interest in her nakedness – she would be seen simply as missing some parts and having others.

   However, just before her matriculation, her path to the priesthood was abruptly blocked.  When the conservative Vatican advisors to Francis learned of this ‘abomination’ and found that he was nodding tacit agreement to this detestable secularization, they howled at his complicity with progressive gender radicals. The Church cannot abide such apostasy, and the slightest nod to its legitimacy let alone outright admission of it, would undermine the very pillars of Catholic teaching.

The priests of St Maurice were nonplussed, disappointed, and discouraged.  Finally they thought, true sexuality would be admitted by the Church, and they would be able to express themselves without recrimination.  Not only that, a transgender woman priest would set new standards of religious spirituality.  All hopes dashed.

When President Biden got wind of the odyssey of Lilly Farmer, he called her personally and thanked her for ‘her service’ to the alternately sexed men and women of America; and since the call was made publicly to which the press were invited, he took the opportunity to send a shot across the bow of the Church.  “No institution”, he said, “religious or secular, can restrain the normal expression of sexuality in all its forms.  The foundational principle of Christianity is, after all, compassion, tolerance, and welcome”.  The radical race-gender-ethnicity shills in the Congress and in academia cheered.  In one fell swoop, Biden had advanced their agendas of secularism and alternate sexuality

As far as Lilly Farmer was concerned, her dalliance with transsexuality passed once she was back on the streets.  If she couldn’t be a priest (Jesus), then she might as well be a woman and enjoy it.   She took a look at the gender spectrum and put her finger on the far female endpoint – ‘transformative feminine sexual essentiality’ was the box she checked. 

 She never lost her Catholic faith, just adapted it to her own more mature spiritual life.  The gender spectrum per se?  A parlor game, a spirited fun-filled orgy of Try This On For Size.  She never denied her fantasies – sexual dreaming is no different than those of The Brothers Grimm.  Sexuality has its goblins, villains, heroes, and charms.  Nor was she ashamed of her attempt to enter the seminary.  Weird sexual twists were part of the ethos of the day, the zeitgeist of America.  She was simply Sarah Bernhardt and Lionel Barrymore all rolled up into one.  One thing can be said about gender-bending – it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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