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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Biden Wins–Utopia Is Here!

Finally and at last, there is hope for America and the world.  The Biden victory ushers in a new era of understanding, compassion, collaboration, compromise, and good taste.  The man who in four years sowed hatred and embodied the worst impulses of misogyny, homophobia, and racism that anyone had ever seen on American soil is gone, history, discarded, and removed from view.  With him gone, the New Age can begin – an age of equality, justice, fairness, and above all a love for one’s neighbor.

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And if you believe that….Of course promises are always made during elections and never kept, but Biden’s faithful have far more hope than they did for their former Utopian hope, Hillary Clinton.  Hillary, however, was a hectoring old nag, and did not have the true progressive credentials of personal warmth and caring of Biden.  Joe has been a politico for almost fifty years, never making waves or history.  A good shill for his state, a good Democrat, and an ordinary man.  

He lost his son and a chance for the presidency four years ago, and the nation has longed to give him a second chance – an acquittal for his withdrawal from the presidential race and sure victory and leaving all to Hillary.  Biden always wanted to be president, never thought he had the leadership qualities of toughness, determination, and the kind of raw ambition it takes to stare down the likes of Putin and the ayatollahs, but was convinced that his goodness was what the world needed in a leader not machismo.

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Now, propelled by his party and  by the implacable young minority firebrands of the left who see their chance for influence, power, and reward on the coattails of the candidate, Joe is about to assume residency in the White House.  At an age when most men are looking at the dimming light at the end of the tunnel, Biden will take the helm of America.  He has often seemed like a deer in the headlights, befuddled at times and making little sense, but soldiering through.  

He felt a lot stronger once Kamala Harris, a take-no-prisoners one-woman juggernaut of ambition, arrogant will, and flexible principles came along.  Anyone who watched her mauling of respectful, patient, and sincere Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, saw exactly what she was like.  Posturing as a woman of liberal principle, defender of the Constitution, and above all champion of minority rights, she savaged the Judge, won somewhat embarrassed support from her Democratic colleagues who still had some shreds of decency left after training in the Senate, and used her performance as a credential-building boost for a run for higher office.

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So Biden is happy to have her at his back.  I can be the temperate, moderate, smiling, compassionate man of the people, he says, while she can be my hatchet (wo)man , ready to threaten, intimidate, and shakedown anyone who disagrees with the new Administration’s liberal agenda.

One is reminded of hitman Henry Clay Frick who broke the Homestead Steel Mill strike with brutal, murderous force, leaving his boss and patron Andrew Carnegie safe and above the fray.  Kamala Harris is exactly the right person to ride in the back seat of Biden’s car, ready to jump out and do some damage when called upon.

George H.W. Bush promised ‘a kinder, gentler nation’, but only fools and partisans took him at his word.  Every President in history – except perhaps for cardigan-and-hearth Jimmy Carter – has been tough.  JFK, the Prince of Camelot was a bellicose adventurer who provoked nuclear war, organized ill-timed and amateur military invasions, and was a Cold War hardliner.  LBJ, the man who wanted to be known as a man who healed racial wounds and brought America together, just couldn’t keep his finger off the trigger and unloaded millions of tons of explosives on North Vietnam.  Truman had seen enough carnage in World War II and decided to end it once and for all and dropped to A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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You don’t get the presidency for being a nice guy; but that’s exactly what has happened in 2020.  The absolute, virulent hatred for Donald Trump and his demonization paved the way for a Biden ascendency.  Winning by comparison – any stick figure of temperance and moderation would have done fine given the evil, seditious, and vile man holding court in the Oval Office. 

So, soon enough Putin, the ayatollahs, Kim Jong-un, and resurgent anarchic Islamic forces in the Middle East and Africa will test Uncle Joe. They know they were given an early Christmas gift – a pushover.  Even Kamala, who earned her stripes for badgering Americans in weaker positions, has no international experience; so no matter how much she may try to be Rasputin, she will end up in the broom closet of the Situation Room.

Be that as it may, say Biden insiders, our fight is national.  We must turn back the devilish policies and programs instituted by Trump.  We must expand the rights of women to haul up ‘abusive’ men before college kangaroo courts because women have put up with too much for us to be concerned about insignificant bits of law.  We must reinstitute affirmative action and support universities which discriminate against whites and Asians in favor of blacks.  

We must not only promote the civil rights of homosexuals but to actively promote gay marriage despite the religious and social objections of many.  We must reject antediluvian notions of heterosexuality and confirm our belief in the gender spectrum, especially the very alternative transgender end.  

We must forget conservative laissez-faire notions of individualism and enterprise and return to communalism and communitarianism.  We must promote abortion at any stage of pregnancy because a woman’s right to choose is more important now than ever; but in the face of strong moral and religious concerns and a wrongly-decided Supreme Court ruling.

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We must once again open the sluice of federal funds for minority communities showing through our generosity that we care, it is not their fault but ours that they have shown so little social and economic mobility. 

We must reject arriere-garde Three R’s conservative education policy and promote the more salient and true principles of Alternative Intelligence, regardless that this idealism has resulted in a perpetual lag in student performance and post-school economic success.  We will take every opportunity to illustrate the virus of white supremacy and systemic racism despite lack of proof, evidence, or objective analysis that justifies it.  

The environment must be protected at any cost, and be done with the fictitious cost-benefit calculus that balances environmental investment with loss of economic income and productivity.  We must defend, support, and fight for our Palestinian brothers even though they remain in poverty, political chaos, and anti-Semitic hatred.

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Half the American electorate voted for Donald Trump because of the man but also because of his conservative policies and principles.  These conservative Americans will not go away, and will be sure to call out the blunders and misguided steps of the new administration.  Biden and his retinue will be fair game.  He was voted in because of hatred of Trump, not because his neo-socialist policies resonate with his fifty-percent of the electorate; and once he begins to defund the police, blunt economic growth through the radical Green New Deal, and raise taxes to fund old, tired, hackneyed, and failed social investments, his smiling Utopianism will quickly lose its luster.  The mid-term elections in two years will offer an opportunity for Biden’s opposition to show its strength.

A recent photo of Joe Biden seated, smiling, petting a nice, big dog is circulating on social media, a wonderful staged photo op to show how different the President-elect is from the monster still in the White House.  That photo will soon be caricatured and sent on its way virally, and the inevitable side show of American politics will continue.

Be careful what you wish for, goes the old adage, and in this case truer than ever.  Getting rid of Donald Trump was easy, but revolutionizing America according to narrow, politically parochial, far left progressivism will not only be hard to do but will be unacceptable.

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