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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Biden And The Age Of Innocence–The Coming Disaster Of American Foreign Policy

President Elect Biden has already announced his intention to rejoin the Iranian nuclear treaty, a decision which has the ayatollahs dancing in the streets.  Finally, a pushover has come to power in Washington.

Israel, a longtime critic of the treaty, one which did nothing to address Iranian State terrorism in the region, has already announced its opposition to re-entering a failed agreement which did little to either halt the development of nuclear weaponry or stop Iran’s international terrorism.  The Islamic regime has been quite happy to hold back verifiable production of fissionable material while surreptitiously and cleverly continuing their work on nuclear hardware and logistics.  The ten year period of treaty enforcement is nothing to a regime which has never halted its nuclear program nor its declared aim to use nuclear weaponry.  The treaty also did not address a much more important issue – the destabilization of the Middle East, the extension of Iranian hegemony, and an irremediable desire to encircle and destroy Israel. 

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Yet Biden has decided to use this hopelessly flawed Obama-era instrument as his point of departure – to send a lesson to the world that he is not the sabre-rattling warmonger his predecessor was.  Biden and the liberal Establishment have always – despite historical evidence to the contrary – promoted the idea of world peace through compromise, collaboration, and communication.   Biden has channeled Rodney King, who, in his fifteen minutes of fame said, “Why can’t we all just get along?”. The lionized King went on to continue his criminal career, but his words of progressive faith were always taken seriously.  ‘Why can’t we just get alone?’, says Biden to the ayatollahs.  Aside from religion, Biden says, the Iranian people are no different from Americans who want peaceful accommodation and universal harmony and want to live together as brothers.

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Of course nothing could be farther from the truth.  The images of the ‘79 Iranian Revolution and its aftermath – the taking of American hostages amidst riotous anti-American and anti-Israel demonstrations throughout Teheran – are still vivid to anyone with even the vaguest sense of history.  Iranian support for Hezbollah, Palestinian radicals in Gaza, and Shiite terrorists in Iraq is an ongoing, continuous affair.  Imams and more secular leaders have both called for the annihilation of Israel and a removal of any and all American presence and influence in the region. 

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The liberal Biden camp, run by young radicals of the far left, have spoken loudly and often against Israel while at the same time singing the praises of the Palestinians, a group which has made no attempts to hide their hatred for Israel and their desire to see it annihilated.  The Palestinians continue to live in Third World poverty despite the billions poured in for developmental purposes but which have been siphoned off for their military adventures.  This pro-Palestinian stance, driven by policies of ‘diversity’ and thinly-veiled anti-Semitism will continue to the applause of Iran.

Iran does not need a nuclear weapon now because it is operating quite well and according to its strategic and operational plan of fomenting chaos and political divisions in the region.   By re-entering the treaty, the United States admits turning a blind eye to regional terror and to Iran’s nuclear subterfuge and duplicitousness, because it wants peace at any price.   If a few inspectors can be allowed to observe those facilities which the Iranians want them to see, and declare the regime’s nuclear program halted, the banner of Christian virtue and liberal conscience can be unfurled.

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There is little doubt that Biden will take a similar approach with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, a despot in the mold of the genocidal Pol Pot of Cambodia, both of whom have wanted to create a pure Maoist state.  Right now Kim is just as delighted as the ayatollahs.  Shortly after January 20th, the new president’s emissaries will be headed to Pyongyang with olive branches, offerings, and goodwill – all of which will be accepted graciously while the regime continues its own nuclear weapon program, brutal suppression of human rights, Maoist-like engineered famines, and and determination to either destroy South Korea or re-unite with it on Pyongyang’s terms.   Kim has made nice when it has suited him, but no one has ever thought of him as an honest negotiator.   He is a murderous bully and will become more so now that the pressure from Washington is off.

Russia had its way with Ukraine and Crimea during the Obama Administration, and showed that under Putin’s leadership Russia will do anything it wants to reassert its geopolitical influence and to restore the greatness of the Empire.  There was much Sturm und Drang from Washington, but with little impact.  Obama was, like Vice President Biden, ‘hopeful’ for peace and accommodation; and that it would be hypocritical of the United States to criticize Russia for intervening in its own geopolitical sphere of influence when the US did exactly the same thing in Central and South America, and by extension, Southeast Asia.  Obama, a man of reason and principle, was shamed at such American displays of nationalism, but at least knew that he could hide behind that cover when it came to Ukraine.

China is the world’s only real superpower.  They have the world’s second-largest GDP which has been growing almost exponentially.  Thanks to the regime’s authoritarian measures, COVID has been brought quickly under control, and the economy is ow operating under full throttle.  China owns much of the United States debt, has made significant economic and political inroads in Africa, securing access to valuable natural resources, and has been unstoppable in its demands for political hegemony throughout their sphere of influence. Under a likely accommodating, compromising Biden foreign economic policy, the US will continue to get beaten up.

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The Biden Administration is sure to make overtures of friendship to the Leftist regimes of Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua – once again not so much to condone the excesses of socialist authoritarianism, but to try for peaceful negotiation.  Discussion, diplomacy, and good intentions will always bring about peaceful compromise and unity. 

Only the most Utopian believe that.  Venezuela’s return to peace and prosperity will not come about through a sit down between presidents.  Cuba’s dictators will never willingly give up; and if and when Bolsonaro  is defeated or deposed in Brazil, the Biden Administration will support the corrupt, Communist-inspired former President Lula da Silva and any other radical socialist transformationalist – all in the name of progressive, communitarian idealism.

The Biden Administration despite its progressive claims and convictions will find a world far different from the one he envisages.  Putin, Xi, and the ayatollahs are exponents of the new harsh geopolitical realities of power, territorialism, and self-interest.  The only way to deal with them is to return to Kissinger’s ‘realpolitik’ , a political philosophy derived from Machiavelli based on balance of power rather than negotiation.  All nations, just like any other social group, behave in the same aggressive ways; and whose ambitions will be stopped only when a stronger opposing force is met.  Conservatives extend this political philosophy to all spheres of life. Competition, individual enterprise, and freedom are time-proven ways of harnessing self-serving human nature to productive ends.  Progressives like Biden dismiss the idea of innateness and believe that progress and Utopia are possible and achievable through collective action.

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So Biden will be soon challenged by the new international wave of Machiavellian operatives, will compromise, unwilling to be accused of American exceptionalism and nationalistic arrogance, and the US will lose.  The US may have shifted from conservatism to progressivism, but the rest of the world has not; and even if some individual countries flounder around in discredited socialist waters, those that count have not.  The emerging nations of Eastern and Central Europe have turned decidedly to the right, refusing to adhere to American policies of diversity, inclusivity, and secularism.

Biden’s famous ‘moderation’ will do him in, and he will get eaten alive by the Putins of the world.  If that isn’t bad enough, he intends to fill his administration with progressive appointments who will settle for nothing less than radical transformation of America.  This will energize the conservative forces of the real world, and they will pile on.  The next four years will be ugly – far uglier than any of the last four.

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