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Monday, February 26, 2018

RECIPES–Sautéed Rice With Red Pepper, Sherry, And Basil

This is a simple, very tasty recipe.  The combination of the ingredients and the crisping of the rice make it particularly unique. The basil and the red pepper give it sweetness, the fish sauce adds a savory touch, and the egg adds color and an additional flavor.
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Sautéed Rice with Red Pepper, Sherry, and Basil
* 1/2 cup dry rice
* 5-6 large leaves of basil, chopped coarsely
* 1/2 lg. red pepper, chopped coarsely
* 3 lg. cloves garlic chopped
* 1/4-1/2 cup Amontillado sherry
* 1 scant Tbsp. fish sauce
* 2 hardboiled eggs quartered
* 2-3 shakes hot red pepper
* 2-3 Tbsp. olive oil
- Boil the rice for 40 minutes (1 cup water for 1/2 cup rice), checking at 35 to be sure it does not     burn. The rice should be crispy on the bottom

- In skillet sauté the red pepper, garlic, pepper flakes, fish sauce, sherry, and basil in oil until peppers    are slightly soft

- Add the rice and and mix well

- Add the eggs and gently mix into the rice mixture

- Adjust for taste

- Add 5-7 grindings of fresh pepper

- Serve

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