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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Recipes–Pasta With Spring Ramps

Ramps, also known as spring onions, wild leek, wood, leek, and wild garlic, are harvested wild, have a delicate but distinctive flavor and are excellent on pasta.

They are available for only a short time and usually only in farmers’ markets (mid-late April in the Mid-Atlantic region) but well worth the extra cost.  They are truly unique.

The ramps need only a few minutes cooking, so the recipe is very simple to make.

Pasta with Spring Ramps
* 1/2 pound penne rigate
          * 3 bunches ramps

          * 2 Tbsp. unsalted European-style butter

          * 3 Tbsp. olive oil

 - Cut the ramps into thirds

- Sautee them in butter (approx. 5 minutes) until just tender

- Cook pasta (penne rigate is a good choice)

- Put the olive oil in a large mixing bowl

-  Add the sautĂ©ed ramps and mix well

- Add salt and ground pepper to taste

- Plate and serve

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