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Friday, June 21, 2013

Recipes: Curried Carrot Crudité

This is a simple but delicious recipe – especially easy if you have a food processor.  I don’t so it takes a bit of work to grate a bunch of carrots by hand.  The curry and the sweet mango chutney complement the carrots perfectly.  I have put a lot of ‘approx.’ in this recipe because the size of carrots varies tremendously and ‘large’ does not always mean the same thing.  I give a range for mayo and yoghurt because you want the mixture to be moist but not gooey, and once again, given the variability in the carrot size, you will have to use some judgment.  Same with the curry powder and chutney.  Use your taste buds.

Curried Carrot Crudité

* 5-7 lg. carrots (approx.), peeled and grated

* 3/4 cup raisins (approx.)

* 2 –3 Tbsp. mayonnaise

* 1-2 Tbsp. Greek yoghurt

* 1 Tbsp. (approx.) curry powder

* 2 Tbsp. sweet mango chutney (hot or plain)

- Grate the carrots.  They should look like this:

A man eating grated carrots

- Put the mayo, yoghurt, raisins, curry powder, and mango chutney in a large serving bowl and mix well

- Add the grated carrots, and mix well. Serve.

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