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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great California wines

Thanks to my daughter who worked in the wine industry and still keeps her hand in with tastings and promotions at her store www.hangr16.com, I have collected some marvelous California wines:

1. Freemark Abbey, Napa Valley. Their Cabernet Sauvignon (especially 04, but 06 and 07 as well) can’t be beat.  Ruby, fragrant, velvet, marvelous.  Their Cabernet “Bootleg” of these same years can’t be beat.  My favorite is their Petite Syrah, as rich and complex a wine as you will find, similar to the best Bordeaux like Leoville Poyferre.  Not as thick and heavy as the Aussi Shirazes, but balanced and exquisitely delicious.  About $50 per bottle.

2. Matanzas Creek, Sonoma.  Like Freemark, part of the Jackson Family Wines, these wines are super, and their whites, particularly the Sauvignon Blanc are excellent.  There Merlot is super as well.  $40

3. Etude Winery, Napa.  These days Bordeaux blends are becoming popular, and the GBR ‘06 is one of the absolute best.  A classic Bordeaux blend, it is rich, velvety, high flavor, smooth, and incredible. $60

4. Merry Edwards Winery, Sonoma.  Their Pinot and Sauvignon Blanc are perfection.  They add Viognier to their Sauvigon Blanc which gives a fruity, floral flavor, but not overly. $50

5. Hanna Titan Bismarck, Sonoma magnificent Bordeaux Blends.  Grown in the highlights, very special

6. De Loach Vineyards, Russian River Sonoma, excellent Pinot Noir

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