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Thursday, March 30, 2023

‘Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn’ –How The Rest Of The World Sees America

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a straw: 'Gone With the Wind's' secret curse  history

The Biden Administration is intent on reforming American society, reversing what they see as centuries-old racist and homophobic notions and establishing a new world of diversity and inclusivity.  American history, they insist, is filled with objectionable thoughts, words, and deeds; and the brave, new world of multiples must be based on more enlightened principles.  The dishonorable past, one of predatory capitalism, slavery, and white supremacy should be ignored in favor of newly-recognized moral principles.

Deconstructionists teach that there is no inherent value in either history or art, only what you make of them seen through the lens of race, gender, and ethnicity.  As such there is no reason to honor or revere Charlemagne, Shakespeare, or Aristotle, men whose influence is only illustrative of the times in which they lived and embodies nothing inherently remarkable.

So, according to this notion, the toppling of the statues of what are considered offensive men, renaming streets and institutions to purify them ofa dirty past, and reforming language to remove anachronistic idioms, insulting figures of speech, and biased grammatical constructions is logical.

Protesters topple statues in US states - BBC News

Along the same deconstructionist line, there is nothing fixed in science where, like everything else, subjectivity is the rule.  Copernicus believed the earth was the center of the universe because it followed culturally appropriate convictions, myths, legends, and assumptions.  So it is with gender.  The assumptions of sexual polarity – heterosexual difference – is just as subjective.  While there may be XX and XY chromosomes, they can be overlooked, overturned, and ignored, based as they are on subjective figment.

The historical revisionism and anti-intellectual basis on which progressive social reform is based has not only created divisions in American society but fragmentation.  Identity politics reassigns individuals according to race, gender, or ethnicity and nothing more. While race is a simply matter of black or white (octoroons, quadroons, and mulattoes are racial categories of the distant past), gender is subdivided into hundreds of impossible permutations.

One is not simply gay but any one of the many possibilities along the fluid gender spectrum.  While social reformers prefer to place North and South Asians into one category, they, more attentive to identity than their Washington tutors, are quick to point out differences.  The Chinese Confucian has nothing in common with the Indian Hindu.

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As a result, American society is one chaotic mess.  Debates about pronouns, bathrooms, Donald Trump’s mistress, sexual preferences, and children’s story times have taken over serious discussion of economics, finance, political philosophy, and international affairs.  

The Biden Administration, in the thrall of wokists and their Congressional claques, is the most simplistic as any in recent history.  The President pours trillions of dollars into open pockets for impossibly impractical, politically-driven, and doomed-to-failure fancies.

He knee-jerks his responses to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, ISIS and al-Qaeda, and sends his hopelessly outmatched Vice President to show the flag in Africa.  He lets in thousands of illegal immigrants through the southern border, but claims success in his agreement with Premier Trudeau of Canada to stop a few Venezuelans trudging through the snow to get to Maine. 

All of this provides great amusement and promise to both Xi and Putin, two Machiavellian warriors who see nothing but weakness in a once formidable world power, the United States. A doddering president, hostage to irrational social deconstructionists, unschooled in history or philosophy, and propped up, hot-combed, and dusted for the 2024 elections, is no threat whatsoever.

Few American Presidents has understood Machiavelli’s or his disciple Kissinger’s realpolitik.  Only Richard Nixon and Donald Trump have raised their flag.  America will do only what is in its geopolitical interest they said, and expect Russia and China to do the same.  Foreign entanglements should be considered only when absolutely, positively necessary to protect the nation.  

Trump was not outraged at China’s supposedly immoral civil rights abuses or at Russia’s neo-imperialism.  Historical determinism nothing more, a playing out of historical, cultural, and social circumstances; and above all an expression of the very human nature that propels all human activity.

In Defense of Henry Kissinger - The Atlantic

A nation as divided, as fragmented, as preoccupied with marginal, insignificant, concerns cannot be taken seriously.  America no longer has an ethos, a set of common beliefs and principles that unify it. China and Russia have a sense of unity, ethos, and responsibility.

Hearkening back to the storied dynasties of China and the imperial courts of Russia is not neo-imperialism as some claim, but historical intelligence.  France has always considered itself la fille ainee de l’Eglise (the eldest daughter of the Church), the leader of Europe because it defeated the Muslim Saracen invaders at Roncesvalles and preserved European Christianity.  Immigration from non-Christian countries has diluted the importance of that particular honor; but France, like China, Russia, and most other European countries for that matter, understands the importance of historical centering.

The United States goes overboard on everything.  It is not enough to endorse the enduring American principle of multi-cultural tolerance – a principle at the heart of the successful integration of immigrants in the early 20th century and the first religious refugees from Europe in the 18th century – but to deform it beyond recognition.

Accepting ‘the other’ as part of the majority is labor enough; but to promote transgenderism and the fungible nature of sexual identity, to raise the African and African American to mythical status while denigrating, humiliating, and dismissing white men and Western civilization is absurd, temporal politics at its very worst.  And our adversaries know and understand it, and are gleeful about it.

Once a country has become so fragmented and immersed in fractional politics, identity, and social idealism, it is hard to repair and impossible to regroup around a common, patriotic center.  The United States is in trouble and ignorant about it.  President Biden, now well into his dotage is the most unrealistic of all.  Things are just hunky-dory according to the President, no problems at all in this great land of ours.

Meanwhile China is exerting its influence in classically Machiavellian ways.  It is brokering a deal between Ukraine and Russia to secure Russian gas and Ukrainian wheat. It is building roads, ports, and infrastructure throughout Africa, returning long-abused agricultural land to productivity and profit (for China), showing muscle in the Middle East and Asia, increasing its financial control  over the United States and becoming an economic and military superpower.

What Is the Meaning of the Chinese Flag? - China Law in One Minute - China  Justice Observer

Russia will emerge from the Ukraine debacle wounded but not cowed and will return again to prominence.  Iran and North Korea continue to go about their interventionist, territorial ways; and a resurgent ISIS is now in almost complete control of the Sahel.  The US talks righteousness, duty, and moral imperatives, but no one pays attention.  Whistlin’ Dixie at best. 

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