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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Pick Your Spot On The Gender Spectrum–Gone Are The Days Of Hot And Steamy Sex

Thanks to a prim, proper, and anatomically correct sex education provided by his father, by the time Bobby Marshall had gotten to Lefferts, a New England boarding school on the Connecticut River, he knew all about mechanical positioning and the basics of pregnancy and reproduction; but it took Mr. McAllen and his beautiful wife to provide the add-ons, the real story about sex.

Mr. McAllen was one of the youngest teachers on campus, not that much older than Bobby.  He had graduated from Yale a few years before, married Mrs. McAllen n a big ceremony in Kingsport, Rhode Island, and had been appointed as the biology teacher at Lefferts. All students knew that once a year he gave his famous sex lecture; but since he liked to keep his classes guessing no one ever knew when it would come.

Mr. McAllen had divided the fifty-minute class into discrete segments: How to Get a Woman Hot; How to Know When She’s Hot; How to Know When She’s Coming; and How to Hold It In Until She Does.

If he had even hinted at any of these topics today, he would be tarred and feathered and run out of town; but somehow back then, the school administrators gave him a pass. No one was sure they would have if they had heard his talk about hard nipples, wet pussy, panting, moaning, and ‘ecstatic release’.

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In any case, Mr. McAllen had everyone's attention.  Fifteen open-mouthed adolescent boys being turned on by the biology teacher. He must have known that every one would think of his wife in that way every time we saw her; and that she would be the woman every boy thought of when they masturbated under the covers.

The wives of teachers always sat at the dinner table with their husbands and the boys.  Mrs. McAllen always sat demurely next to her husband while he ladled out the soup and carved the roast beef; but she had to have known that all eyes were on her and not the meat.  Bobby said many years later that he was sure that the two of them must have been playing some elaborate, secretive sex game that involved the Third Form, some kind of twisted Liaisons Dangereuses with the poor, horny boys of Lefferts the innocent victims.

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In any case Mr. McAllen had a long and prosperous career at Lefferts.  He was, not surprisingly one of the most popular teachers at the school and biology was one of the most popular subjects.  He tried his hand at chemistry, but test tubes, scales, and calculations were never his strong suit; and besides, he simply couldn’t but his heart into a very academic dry, exercise, when only the juices and steamy emotions of reproduction interested him.  He apologized to the curriculum committee and the dean for his lackadaisical performance, went back to biology, and eventually secured an even more remunerative post at one of New England’s most prestigious boarding schools.

Be that as it may – and Mr. McAllen was reported to have been just as popular a teacher at his new school as he was at Lefferts, and whose career was curtailed only in the early Seventies when radicalized women got wind of his ‘salacious, outrageous, misogynous’ classes and forced his dismissal – the times have completely changed.  Sex education whether the hot and steamy variety or the toned-down nuts-and-bolts version of heterosexual sex has gone by the wayside.  

Now, because of the bewildering array of choices along the gender spectrum, there is simply not enough time or general interest to talk about who does what to whom and how; so the focus is on picking the right sexual ensemble.  ‘Sex Education’ has now become ‘Gender Identity Choice’ and children are told that the sexual equipment with which they were born means nothing in terms of sexual identity.  Sexual transformation is no different than a tonsillectomy or minor plastic surgery – a nip and tuck here and there, some rearrangement of parts, hormone treatment and some psychological counselling et voila!

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For those young people for whom ‘gender reassignment’ is too radical, but who still are frustrated by the latent male or female within their discordant bodies, appropriate location on the gender spectrum is the answer.  Back in the day the New York Review of Books had a well-known, and popular Personals section where want ads were placed for sexual partners – ‘White mature married male seeks lovely illicit relationship with an equal-minded and equally-situated black woman’ was one of the earliest ‘alternative’ sexuality posts in the paper, but as the sexual revolution really took hold, the combinations and permutations increased.  

The variations, however, were rather limited by today’s standards where there so many sexual fringes and gender options that only viral online resources can keep up.  ‘Sex Education’ in the school, therefore, can do more than urge consultation of the gender chart, offer ‘disaggregation advice’ to help students sort out the bewildering array of choices, and suggest outside access to the many gender advocacy groups corresponding to each gender subgroup.

Such innovative classroom instruction has not gone without criticism.  Parents groups opposing anything to do with the gender spectrum and who insist on binary heterosexuality only have become politically active and forced the hand of school administrators who have insisted that they are not proselytizing for ‘alternative sexuality’ but only teaching tolerance for all. 

“Nonsense”, said one parent activist.  “Complete bullshit”; and of course she was right.  The progressive teachers’ union had joined in solidarity with the Radical Feminist Gender Alliance  and committed itself to ‘purge the curriculum of outmoded, outdated, ignorant insistence on cis-gender sexuality’.  The parents, not to be cowed by such idiocy filed a series of lawsuits to remove offending members of the school board and to return school curricula to ‘normalcy’.  Most of these parents were either lawyers or spouses of lawyers, so the legal path was clear and an out of court settlement assured.

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The legal judgments were successful in ridding the schools of any talk of gender identity, but the compromise was that no sex education was to be taught at all, not even old wall charts and diagrams of sexual reproduction.  Gone forever were the days of Mr. McAllen’s wonderfully expressive, allusive, marvelous sex education classes.  So it was no wonder that boys and girls, children of sexually timid parents and schooled in a sexually neutered classroom, wandered around having no idea whatsoever what was what.

The times are changing, however, and more and more public figures are talking about the feminization of men, the transgender lunacy, and the perversion of good old normal sex. but the gender spectrum is but one part of the progressive social revolution promoting ‘inclusivity’ and identity.  The gender spectrum cannot be removed, advocates say, without harming racial justice and the fight against racism.  The return to a more logical, rational, and ultimately historical sexual imperative will take time; but it will happen.

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