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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Afghanistan, The Border, And COVID–Joe Biden’s Perfect Storm Of Political Incompetence

Joe Biden’s handlers and progressive supporters cheered at the downfall of the Evil Prince and the rise to power of his successor.  The new president will right the ship, they said, set it on the right course, and sail  it to a better world.

Hardly eight months into his term, Biden has done nothing of the sort.  He has precipitously and ignorantly pulled out of Afghanistan, provoked chaos and panic on the southern border, and watched while the Delta variant sweeps through the country, threatening the progress of containment begun in earnest by his predecessor. 

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Biden’s earliest supporters were convinced that this man of rectitude and moral purpose, of good faith and intent, and of impeccably moderate credentials would indeed undo the damage done by Donald Trump and put in place compassionate, inclusive, respectful domestic and international policies.  

Not only that, he would further the more fundamental changes urged by his progressive colleagues – the rejection of heterosexuality as a norm; the restoration of the Black man to his rightful place of cultural superiority; the reformation of American history to exclude all references to its shameful past; and the advancement of feminism as the new ethos of American society.

Although such political idealists have watched these social challenges disappear from front pages in favor of Biden’s disastrous perfect storm, they are undaunted.  The issues of Afghanistan, the border, and the pandemic, they insist, are only temporary – unfortunate, unexpected events unrelated to any political decision.  The ebb and flow of history, nothing more.  

The gender spectrum, black lives, women’s rights, ethnic and racial diversity, and social inclusivity, however, are bedrock principles, fundamental and not subject to historical vicissitudes.  They are absolutely, incontrovertibly right and just.  They are moral imperatives above and beyond relative value.  Climate change is not just incidental, part of the geo-meteorological cycles of the planet; but existential. 

Of course, this is nothing of the sort.  Much if not most of America rejects Biden’s ideas of transgender 'reassignment', anti-white racism, radical feminism, and universal gayness.    They reject the notion of climate disaster and environmentalists’ cavalier dismissal of human adaptability, ingenuity, and technical mastery.  They respect ‘inclusivity’ as long as dues are paid to the Republic.  Citizenship is a matter of responsibility, and ethical choice is non-negotiable.

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Therefore their attention is drawn to the President’s policy of unrestricted immigration, a policy which abjures the notion of ethnic integration, derogates the experience of past waves of new American arrivals, and ignores the threats it poses to polity and civil society, intelligence, and creativity.  They are outraged at his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his abandonment of moderate civil forces, and his myopic ignorance of the certain re-emergence of terrorism.  

Last but not least they are furious at his claim of success with regards COVID – a quick, self-serving, political posturing meant to bolster his own standing while derogating that of his predecessor.  He has completely mismanaged the response to the pandemic.  Although there have been more than enough vaccines to cover the entire population, he has been desultory if not indifferent regarding their use.

Mandatory vaccinations are not anti-democratic, but sound public health policy with historical antecedents.  School children must show proof of vaccination against all childhood diseases before entering the classroom.  The ‘yellow card’ – the international health certificate of vaccination – is used, respected and honored by all countries to control disease.  Moreover, the conditionality of mandatory vaccination – anyone can opt out, but must accept its consequences – makes it fit within constitutional principles.  One can refuse to be vaccinated, but employers, school administrators, and private enterprises have the right of refusal.   Welfare and Social Security checks, drivers’ licenses, and identity cards can be made contingent upon vaccination. 

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Biden has done none of this, and his reaction to the Delta Variant has been exhortatory at best, desultory and indifferent at worst.  He, like the rest of us knows that millions of Americans have been conned by specious, unproven claims about vaccines – that they are insidious means of sterilization, will-sapping Russian concoctions; deforming, debilitating, and blinding serums causing autism, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.  There is no point in talking sense to anti-Vaxxers.  Logic has long ago been discredited as a means of persuasion for true believers.

The only way to stop COVID in its tracks is to take it out of the hands of the anti-social, defiantly ignorant anti-vaccination masses, and leave it to authority.  Even conservatives understand the constitutional logic and legitimacy of opt-out conditionality.  Refuse vaccinations if you choose, but expect no accommodation anywhere.

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Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan is perhaps the most upsetting of his policy failures.  Not only has he indirectly caused the death of American soldiers, but he has assuredly caused the imprisonment, torture, and murder of those Afghans who worked with or in any way were associated with the American presence.  

Worse still is his consequential welcoming of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and world terrorism.  The Taliban have not now or twenty years before ever denied their desire to create a radical Islamic caliphate and to use whatever means necessary to assure it.  God’s law transcends all others, and the establishment of his kingdom on earth is worth any human sacrifice.  The Taliban, despite their media-savvy PR which disingenuously but treacherously claims moderation and democracy, are terrorists who have made it clear that sharia law will be instituted, and that a return to a medieval society is certain.

Was no one paying attention to the collusion of the corrupt Afghan governments with the Taliban, the diversion of millions of dollars in economic and military aid, and the total ineptness of regime after regime?  Did no one see the Taliban’s regional strength, popular support, and terrorist connections? 

And perhaps most importantly did no one look at Afghan history?  While there have been many invaders of Afghanistan in its long history - the Mauryan Empire, Alexander the Great,  Umar, an Arab Caliphate, Genghis Khan, Timur, the Mughal Empire, various Persian Empires, the British Empire, the Sikh Empire, and the Soviet Union – none remained, all were defeated and expelled.

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Even the most casual observer anticipated the chaos at the Mexican-American border caused by Biden’s open-door, come-one-come-all policy.  Tens of thousands of Central Americans attempt to illegally cross the border every year, are turned back, and come again.  Illegal immigration is a booming business with high demand and responsive supply.  Every trick in the book has been used to get across the border.  Now that Biden has said that ruse and subterfuge are unnecessary – our great country welcomes you – millions are on the road and storming the border.  

Worse, Biden is letting them in in droves. They are overwhelming temporary shelters on their way inland.   No one – not even the most committed progressive – likes to see such chaos, such unmitigated policy failure, such ignorance of social reality and history.

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Anyone paying the least bit of mind knows how China stopped COVID in its tracks.  Mandatory testing, quarantine, and lockdowns early on in the pandemic resulted in a largely pandemic-free nation of nearly a billion and a half people.  The Chinese were resolute – no individual could risk the lives and well- being of others.  Police measures were instituted, and outliers were punished.  

While no one expects the United States government to be able to exert such absolute authority, one should at least learn from the purposefulness and determination of Chinese authorities.  Biden should have known, should have paid attention, and should have followed suit.

These policy failures have happily given arms and ammunition to Biden’s opponents; and conservatives, energized now more than ever, look to dramatic victories in the mid-term elections of 2022.  Seeing that Biden is vulnerable, and that the liberal dialogue is more shabby and out of touch than ever, they are speaking out more.  Not only do conservatives criticize the trifecta of the perfect storm, but are encouraged to call out the insanity of the Left’s insistence on radical sexuality, so-called white privilege, economic elitism, and historical revisionism.

It is only surprising that Biden has dug himself so deep a hole in so short a time.  Most presidents extend their honeymoon period beyond 100 days, counting on the generosity of the American people; but affection and respect for Biden is dropping precipitously in all quarters.  It is only a matter of time before he is impeached, quits, or is subject to a palace coup.

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