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Monday, May 3, 2021

Joe Biden’s Boring, Correct, Sexless White House–Where Is Donald Trump When We Really Need Him?

Joe Biden has ushered in an era of  gender equality and diversity, concern and caring for all, goodness, sincerity, and inclusivity; and how we miss Donald Trump.  The Kennedy White House was high-toned, Pablo Casals and Robert Frost, elegance, taste, and sophistication; and millions who had only read about Camelot, fair maidens and heroic knights, saw for the first time silk and Cardin, string quartets, and aristocratic elegance.  JFK was a fairy tale prince, a handsome suitor, a strong, virile, and determined leader.  Such sophistication and Old European cachet hid both his shanty Irish background, his father’s bootlegging and Nazi sympathies, and international military adventurism.  His legacy endures because of Camelot, the closest the great unwashed would ever come to the real romance

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Kennedy was not only forgiven for his adulterous dalliances with Marilyn Monroe and beautiful  East German spies, but adored for them.  He was every American man’s ideal and every woman’s lover.  He enjoyed his position, power and influence, and while he brought us close to nuclear Armageddon in Cuba and began a twenty year misadventure in Southeast Asia, he was honored as a battlefield martyr, cut down in the prime of his life.

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LBJ brought America down to earth – a comedown from the halcyon years of high society to the cow flop and leather hardscrabble East Texas life.  LBJ was a man with universal, eclectic tastes.  When he sent his Secret Service boys out for women, he was never particular.  If it was hot, wet, and willing, that suited him just fine.

America was deprived of such sexual vitality for decades.  Nixon was a prude and a sanctimonious, frustrated, and jealous one to boot.  He looked out on the hippie demonstrators against the war – naked, bare-breasted, and defiant – and secretly wanted to be one of them.  He was perfectly matched with his Pat, a simple, frustrated but loving wife ready to support her powerful husband but longing for a man like Kennedy to sweep her off her feet.

Ford had no time to get his feet wet and taste the delights of Washington, kept an even keel and passed without notice. 

Jimmy Carter was an evangelist, pulpit preacher, hectoring mother to wayward children.  The American electorate wanted nothing to do with a defeatist, a man who asked the country to wear a sweater and turn down the heat and whose foreign policy was based on moral principles while the rest of the world marched to Machiavelli’s drums.   He and Roslyn were a loving couple, a perfect Fifties marriage of fidelity, mutual love and respect; but no one in America, not even the born-again fundamentalists who were tempted by his faith, were excited by the man.  Where was The Prince when we most need him, they asked?

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Ronald Reagan, although lovingly faithful to his wife in office, had enough well-reported Hollywood affairs to give him some of the Kennedy cachet.  In fact, it was the perfect male sexual denouement – an attractive man who was a sexual adventurer in his youth, but who in his later years found company and satisfaction in a secure marriage. He was the perfect fit for a sexually conservative America which also wanted some spark and zing.

Bush I was the American aristocrat – a man of high morality, Christian ethics, and noblesse oblige; man who gave his life of privilege, wealth, and status to the United States as diplomat, intelligence chief, patient and dutiful Vice-President, and finally President of the Republic.  His was a life of perfect rectitude.  He embodied honor, honesty, respect, courage, and responsibility.  No one wanted him to stray. Bush I was above it all, and the electorate wanted nothing less.

Bill Clinton brought the true American trailer trash ethos to the fore.  He, like LBJ, was eclectic and proudly universal in his sexual tastes; but Arkansas backcountry hillbilly love pushed all else aside.  As governor of his state and later President of the United States, he could have had the best, the most cultured, the most beautiful, and the most alluring women in the world, but he could never get Gennifer Flowers out of his mind.

Under-the-Lincoln-desk sex with Monica Lewinsky was in his makeup.  How could he refuse?  Married to a succubus like Hillary, Bill was excused by many; but the movement of feminist outrage and male castration  was just reaching its apogee.  “If he could so easily cheat on his wife with a chippie like Monica Lewinsky, then imagine how he could cheat on the country”.

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Years of a sexually uninteresting Bush II who never managed the class and rectitude of his father, the brush-clearing ethos of Reagan, the sophistication of Kennedy or the whore-house shenanigans  of his fellow Texan, LBJ followed. 

Enter Donald Trump, a man of bourgeois ethos, ambition, and low-class beauty contest mentality who never denied his taste or is origins became president.  He connected with the American electorate because his outrageous, outspoken political persona was in synch with the nation.  He loved Hollywood starlets, Las Vegas showgirls, arm-candy wannabee Iowan farmgirls, and daytime television seductresses.  He was, finally, one of us – neither sophisticated JFK, nor trailer trash Clinton, nor even carefully adulterous Roosevelt or Eisenhower.  He was his own man, limitlessly, admittedly, and very happily low-brow bourgeois.

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We loved  his Florida resorts, his New York hotels, his glamourous beauty contest queens, his boats, flotillas, and golf courses.   He was unashamedly male and American.

If there could ever be an antithesis to Trump, Clinton, LBJ, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or any of the early 20th and 19th century hearty Presidents of the republic, it is Joe Biden.  He is a homo politicus, a man without character, personality, humor, sexual drive, or preference.  He is an empty suit, a man in a mask, a sexual neuter.  He is on the side of the gender spectrum, champion of transgenderism, defender of feminist rights and sexual interests, and as far from a macho man as has ever been in the White House.

He is beholden to Congressional feminists, his own Vice President, who ran on a multicultural, bi-racial, potpourri ticket, and a hero to the progressive claques, flacks, and shills who have come out to support him.

Jimmy Carter at least admitted to having adulterous thoughts; but Biden, a sexually amorphous, uxorious, feminized man has had none.  He is pure, sexually responsible, and dutifully marital. No one  believes such Christian sanctimony – the man must have had an affair or two, but to have built a political career on religious, social, and sexual sanctimony is too much.  

Progressives, who know that he is the puppet of Kamala Harris and her defenders in Congress, are quite happy for this Ivory Soap 99 percent pure Presidential image to have become iconic; but conservatives and middle-of-the-roaders are having nothing of it. The man is a posturing charlatan, a politician, a poseur, and a man far out of his depth.

The Man of Science, The Man of Equity And Good Faith, The Man of Unity is nothing of the sort.  He was chosen as a front man for progressive interests.  His feminist, progressive supporters are quite happy with his sexually empty portfolio.  The days of male predation, sexual abuse, and domination are over.  Donald Trump is history and so are his antediluvian sexual ways.  The age of the sexual cipher has finally arrived.

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