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Friday, November 15, 2019

RECIPES–Pasta With Kalettes, Mushrooms, And Sherry

Kalettes are a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts, and combine the taste and texture of both – not as bold as sprouts, and not as retiring as kale, but a sweet blend of both.  In this recipe I have combined the complementary tastes of the kalettes with dried mushrooms, sherry, and garlic, and put the mix over pasta.  It makes for a simple, very interesting dish.  I often use vegetables as a topping/sauce for pasta.  Broccoli is great, steamed, and sautéed in olive oil, browned garlic, and hot pepper flakes.  Zucchini is great over pasta, grilled with fresh basil, garlic, olive oil until browned. 

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Pasta With Kalettes, Mushrooms, And Sherry

* 1/2 lb kalettes (more or less 15 piece)

* 4 cloves garlic chopped

* 1 cup dried mushrooms rehydrated in 1/2 cup sherry, 1/2 cup water

* 4-5 Tbsp olive oil

* 2 tsp (approx) fish sauce

* 3-4 shakes hot pepper flakes

* 1/2 lemon (juice)

* 1/2 lb pasta (I made this with rigatoni, but any will do)

- Trim the hard ends off the kalettes, leaving only the soft part of the stems

- Place kalettes in pot with approx. 3” water and cook/steam until soft to the fork (al dente) approx 25 min

- In a frying pan/skillet brown the garlic in olive oil, being careful not to blacken it

- Add the kalettes, the mushrooms, the mushroom water, lemon juice, fish sauce, and the hot pepper flakes (there should be 2” of liquid at least in the pan)

- Stir well and simmer the kalettes and mushrooms until quite soft.  Add more water and simmer if necessary.  There should enough liquid to make a good sauce. 

- Boil the pasta, plate, add kalette mixture, drizzle olive oil on each serving, ground pepper, and serve.

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