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Monday, August 21, 2017

Recipes - Sherry-steamed Broccoli with Portobello Mushroom Butter

Broccoli often needs a lift, and this simple recipe does the trick.  The broccoli is steamed in sherry instead of water, and garnished with a mushroom butter.  The steaming suffuses the vegetable with the sweet sherry taste, and the mushroom butter is the perfect complement.

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Sherry-steamed Broccoli With Portobello Mushroom Butter
* 3-4 lg. heads of broccoli, stems cut and trimmed
* 2 Tbsp. European-style unsalted butter
* 1/2 pkg. dried porcini or Portobello mushrooms, cut up
* 1/4 cup Amontillado sherry (for soaking dried mushrooms)
* 1/2 cup sherry for steaming vegetable
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- Steam the broccoli in the sherry and approx. 2 cups water

- Soak the mushrooms in the sherry and 1/4 cup water for 20 min

- Squeeze the liquid from the mushrooms

- Melt butter over low heat, add mushrooms

- Cook over very low heat for approx. 20-25 min.

- When broccoli is tender, trim, arrange on large plate

- Drizzle the butter/mushroom mixture evenly

- Add salt and ground pepper to taste

- Serve

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