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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Conspiracy Theories - From Hyper-Magnetism To Political Collusion We Will Believe Just About Anything

“Armageddon is coming soon”, he said. “And not the way you think”.

The world, said the man at the bar, was on the road to final cohesion – a unified world order armed with hyper-magnetism, high-frequency radio, and supra-physical forces with the power to wreak havoc on non-compliant nations. 

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This concentration of the economic, political, and scientific power to rule the world did not happen circumstantially, he said.  For decades the world’s One Percent has been acquiring the wealth necessary to enable a new scientific-military-economic complex which would beggar Eisenhower’s imagination and power an axis of total dominance.

The United States military, he went on, has finally harnessed the power to control the weather, the tides, geothermal energy, and tectonic forces.  It has the ability to produce devastating existential cyclones over Baghdad, to destroy all of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal with footprint-free electronic-quantum mechanical interventions, and to neutralize the offensive capabilities of China, Russia, and Iran.

Jewish bankers have enabled the manipulation of commodity markets to favor those who are the crux of international financial cabals.  Lucrative grants to eager universities have supported alternative research such as the link between human telekinesis and low-frequency wave generation – a symbiotic relationship between spyware and geophysical disruption.  

The most prominent instrument at the HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Project)  Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency  (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer, were used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

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Such manipulation of the ‘excited region’ of the ionosphere has unlimited military applications, and has resulted in similar investigations into the disruptive power of low-frequency emissions.
A recent study which used the the San Andreas fault as an in situ laboratory demonstrated the altering power of low-frequency radiation to accelerate tectonic movement to potentially trigger destructive earthquakes.

As revolutionary is the development of the EMDrive:
Each proton has physical access to the information of the entire Universe, but only a very tiny slice is expressed locally as mass, the rest is non-local.
This is because these surface plancks are terminations of wormholes that connect to all other protons. All protons are entangled through this wormhole structure of space, validating another theoretical concept in physics called EP=EPR, which states rather than entanglement being 'spooky action at a distance', it is simply caused by physical wormholes in space.
These wormholes are possible because of the massive amount of energy in empty space - it essentially turns our Universe into a giant singularity (or Bose Einstein Condesate for our physics guys) where instantaneous information transfer can happen across spacetime - in essence, macro quantum entanglement across scale.
At the most basic and fundamental level of reality, you are touching every other point in the Universe…
As for the physics behind the EmDrive, White and his team speculate they may be seeing a manifestation of what’s known among physicists as a quantum drive or Q thruster. Such a thruster works on the well-accepted principle that empty space is not a vacuum but is frothing with fluctuations in quantum fields, with pairs of virtual particles perpetually forming and mutually annihilating. (Reddit.com)
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So, explained the man at the bar, the One World Order will not only have control of the world’s wealth, but access to the most advanced scientific and military weaponry.  Control of the ionosphere, quantum fields, Q-thruster energy, and the limitless power of singularity will allow it to rule the world.

The man at the bar was to all appearances normal – a Chicago transplanted engineering contractor with stints in Florida and New Mexico, a thoughtful observer of current politics, political philosophy, and American culture; but this  otherwise considerate critic of world events, avid reader of philosophy and political science, had at some point turned the corner from reasonable, predictable, intelligent analysis to a netherworld of political-financial conspiracy, extra-ordinary physical forces, and impossible collusions of power, money, science, and the unknown.

In an excellent article on the origin of conspiracy theories in The Psychologist (July 2010) Viren Swami and Rebecca Coles have detailed the sociological and psychological determinants of conspiracy theories.  There are an astounding number of conspiracy theories that abound today; and for just about every current event, there are many who believe that some dark cabal is behind it.
The truth’, the TV show The X-Files told us, ‘is out there’. Millions of people worldwide seem to agree, disbelieving official accounts of important social and political events. In the United States, for example, scholars have noted a steady increase in the number of poll respondents who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in killing John F. Kennedy.  In the wake of 9/11, commentators highlighted the proliferation of conspiracy theories about the event, with polls suggesting that more than a quarter of respondents believe the US government knew in advance, participated in, or took no action to stop the attacks.
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So why do people go off the logical rails and look for answers in the realm of fantasy? Some of the earliest work on the subject in the 60s was by Hofstadter who suggested psychopathology:
The paranoid style, Hofstadter argued, was a result of ‘uncommonly angry minds’, whose judgment was somehow ‘distorted’. Following this vein, some scholars came to view conspiracy theories as a product of psychopathology, such as extreme paranoia, delusional ideation or narcissism… In this view, the delusional aspect of conspiratorial beliefs was thought to result in an incapacity for social or political action.
Later researchers turned to what they felt were more compelling social factors.  How, they argued, could psychopathology be the principal cause of conspiracy theories when there were so many of them?
A belief in conspiracy theories is more likely to emerge among those who feel powerless, disadvantaged or voiceless, especially in the face of catastrophe. To use a contemporary example, believing that the 7/7 London bombings were perpetrated by the British or Israeli governments may be a means of making sense of turbulent social or political phenomena.
However, simply being powerless – most people are unable to influence events or decisions on anything but an individual or family basis – is not enough:
To the extent that conspiracy theories fill a need for certainty, it is thought they may gain more widespread acceptance when establishment or mainstream explanations contain erroneous information, discrepancies, or ambiguities. A conspiracy theory helps explain those ambiguities and provides a convenient alternative to living with uncertainty. Or that the human desire for explanations of all natural phenomena aids the conspiracist in the quest for public acceptance.
All this academic airing about conspiracy theorists is all well and good, but the question still remains – where are they? What world do they inhabit?   Have they abandoned logic altogether and their theories based simply on a disassociation from traditional rationality? Or have is their world a complex one of sylphs, druids, and spirits on the one hand, and unimaginable Tantric powers on the other?

The event at the bar wasn’t only about unhinged conspiracy theories per se, but about the nature of conspiratorial belief itself.  Is there some of the unhinged in all of us?

If one looks at the current American political scene as an example, conspiracy theories are alive and well.  While the melodrama of Putin, Russia, and the Trumps may exceed the plots, vanities, and subversions of Shakespeare’s Histories, and while there may be truth to some of the allegations and accusations, there is much to appeal to the conspiracy theorist.  Russia’s manipulations are far from explainable and benign, the dirty tricks of all nations; but expressions of power and collusion.  Putin, the Jewish banks, Trump, and the American, EU, and Russian military are in a One World Order end game.

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It is not a simple matter of geopolitical antagonisms and competition but a land grab of existential proportions.

This theory has been concocted by the same theorists who believed that HIV/AIDS was a conservative plot to decimate black and gay populations, that 9-11 was a fiction created by George W. Bush and his corporate backers to enable the mobilization of anti-terror, anti-democratic defense forces, and that vaccination and fluoridation are anti-revolutionary plots to neuter the American populace.

Why is America particularly infected with the conspiracy virus? Why are we not content with rationality?  Why do we turn so quickly to the paranormal, supernatural, and implausible?

Everything in American culture has been tending towards this disassembly of reason and rationality for decades.  Pundits, experts, critics, and professional observers are supernumerary in an age of  big data.  There is no longer any received wisdom but collective wisdom.  The judgment of tens of millions of ‘bettors’ always produces more relevant conclusions than any one or group of intellectuals.   Both considered and frivolous bets are all placed in the pot, mixed and turned, sorted and analyzed. 

Furthermore academia, usually and traditionally the home to logical, rational analysis, textual exegesis, and objective comparative criticism has become unnaturally subjective, given to a priori judgments and conclusions. Classical theory has been replaced by neo-philosophical assumptions about the transformative role of race, gender, and ethnicity. No sector of American society has become so inwardly self-assured and so insular that it has concocted a conspiracy theory as complex as any. 

The refusal of the Right to accept climate change as settled science, progressives say, has less to do with simple ignorance of the facts and more with the concentration of corporate, social and religious influence.

Since global warming is a result of predatory capitalism; materialism, and venal self-interest; and since such self-serving institutions will ultimately bring the whole house down , all causes are welcome.  Fighting against global warming as an integrated whole means that all progressive vendettas can be carried out under one aegis.

If there were more women in power to keep male egos kept in check, the country would adopt a more nurturing and caring view of the planet.  If capitalism could be tamed and reformulated into a ‘dynamic socialism’ which tended to the poor and needy while harnessing the energy of small, family-owned enterprises.

 If Christian faith-based community action groups could be brought even more fully into the mainstream, then the fundamental generosity of Jesus Christ would finally be realized on earth.

In other words, one size fits all. Raise the banner of Global Warming and everyone will enter the tent of Women’s Rights, Fair Housing, and good benefits for all.

America cannot be alone in its embrace of conspiracy theories.  There are too many psycho-social factors common to all highly complex cultures to assume nationality. 

Yet America is a congenial home to all conspiracy theory’s contributing factors – a zealous, fundamentalist Protestantism which values emotional response and personal salvation over Catholic rationality; a socio-political fragmentation which favors identity politics and increase suspicion of outsiders; a tenured, socially insulated university faculty which has found, in an environment where institutions of higher learning are increasingly under scrutiny, an identity in progressivism; a disaffected, alienated, poorly-educated populace looking for recourse; and a viral media environment in which any and all theories quickly take on the legitimacy of fact.

It isn’t so much that you can fool all of the people all of the time.  It is that most of the people want to be fooled all the time.  We have become intellectually complaisant and morally dubious and are there for the taking.

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