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Monday, December 2, 2013

Recipes–Roasted Lamb Shanks With Rosemary And Whole Garlic

I had never eaten lamb shanks before I had them at a small restaurant in Irvington, VA.  They were delicious. The trick is long, slow cooking.  This produces a falling-off-the bone tenderness.  The meat comes out juicy, succulent, never dry, and incredibly tasty. The rosemary is the only spice needed, and it complements the lamb perfectly. The roasted garlic adds a rich flavor and the cloves are delicious to eat.


Slow-Roasted Lam Shanks with Rosemary and Whole Garlic Cloves

* 2 lamb shanks (they all seem to come in one size, and should be available at While Foods or Safeway)

* 1 cup chicken broth (you can use your own chicken stock or make from a bouillon cube)

* 1 lg. Tbsp. dry rosemary, crushed

* 6-8 lg. cloves garlic unpeeled, but punctured a few times to let out steam while cooking

* 5-6 grindings fresh black pepper

* 1 Tbsp. olive oil

- Rub the lamb shanks well with the olive oil, black pepper and crushed rosemary

- Place in a baking dish

- Preheat the oven to 450F, and roast the shanks for 20 minutes to brown

- Turn the heat down to 325F, scatter the garlic cloves around the shanks

- Seal the baking dish with at least two layers heavy-duty tin foil. Be sure to get as tight a seal as possible

- Roast for 2 hours

- Remove the foil, add the chicken broth, and turn the heat up to 400F

- Roast for 15 minutes and remove the lamb and the garlic cloves

- Plate the shanks on individual plates and arrange the garlic cloves around them

- Serve (NOTE: The garlic can be eaten by squeezing it out of the skins)


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